GI Genshin Impact Redeem Code 31 July 2021, Tier List Character Update Update Towards August!

Media Magelang – Kode Redeem Genshin Impact GIVE for period 31 July 2021 can be obtained through this article complete with build Ayaka and tier list based on update.

beautiful Ayaka enter tier S for C0, together with Xiaokarena Ayaka is a strong DPS with his Cryo element, plus when reacted with Freeze, which is very strong and can deal fast damage with his normal attacks and charged attacks.

Can’t be maximized because Ayaka indeed strong but not broken characters like Ganyu, Eula and Hu Tao. The three Main DPS tier SS on the list, we know that all three have damage output which is already quite large.

Of course it’s based on the character, if your party setup is good, of course the tier list doesn’t have much effect anymore, one of which you can see is the party recommendation that is suitable for you. Ayaka below yes.

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Here are some weapons that are suitable for Ayaka Genshin Impact in order to maximize their critical potential.

1. Mistsplitter’s Edge CRIT DMG

2. Summit Shaper ATK



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