Getting to know Elkan Baggott – the U-19 Indonesian Wonderkid who idolizes Virgil Van Dijk & Rio Ferdinand

Elkan gave new hope to the Indonesian national team, with his young age and the standards he currently has.

The presence of Elkan Baggott gives new hope for the U-19 Indonesian national team who are faced with the 2020 U-19 Asia Pala event, until later appearing at the most anticipated event, the 2021 U-20 World Cup, in Indonesia.

The towering posture plus European standard forging makes people expect a lot of this 17 year old young man. Elkan is about 194 cm tall – a very ideal posture for a stoper.

PSSI is looking for children of Indonesian descent to defend the national team at the U-20 World Cup later. The name Elkan did not escape, and it just so happens that the player who was born on 23 October does have the desire to defend Red and white.

Where Was Elkan Baggott Born & Why Did He Play For Indonesia?

Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Elkan has a chance to defend Thailand, but an easy decision for Elkan to attach his heart to Indonesia. He has lived in South Tangerang, Banten, and has an Indonesian bloodline from his mother.

“All of my closest relatives live here [Indonesia], and I want to defend my country, make my country proud and my parents. That’s why I chose to defend Indonesia, “said Elkan.

He became the only family name that was eventually called out among the many crossbreed names in circulation. Elkan’s first call to participate in activities with the U-19 national team came last July, and this moment immediately attracted Shin Tae-yong.

Elkan is considered to have ‘more’ things than the existing stock of U-19 national team players, namely good posture plus strong even though he is still a teenager. Hence, Elkan was sort of guaranteed to be able to ‘safely’ seal one place in young Garuda.

Although he could not fully participate in the U-19 national team training camp (TC), Tae-yong seems to have confidence in Elkan’s abilities. This was evidenced by Elkan’s quick adaptation when he was just present in TC Croatia, by making his debut against North Macedonia.

“It is feared that Elkan will have difficulty communicating with his teammates. But I see [di pertandingan] it doesn’t matter. Elkan might be able to be our defense, because of his high posture, and he doesn’t lose easily in a duel, ”said Tae-yong, about Elkan’s appearance.

Will Elkan Baggott Play For Ipswich Town First Team?

Duet with Rizky Ridho, Elkan played calmly and could be a comfortable partner for Ridho in the heart of defense. Elkan’s debut was recorded a week after he won his Ipswich Town senior team debut, in the EFL Trophy, versus Gillingham.

Manager Paul Lambert did reduce the majority of the young squad in the match against Gillingham. Elkan was installed alongside Luke Woolfenden who was four years his senior, as the central pair at the back in a 4-3-3 formation The Blues.

The name Elkan itself is still common to Ipswich supporters, but his popularity shot up sharply when he started to enter the U-19 national team projection. This can be seen from the increase in Elkan’s followers on Instagram, which impacted Ipswich’s followers on their official Instagram account.

Lambert was reluctant to praise Elkan sky-high on his flawless debut. But a former player Borussia Dortmund it acknowledged there was more calm and confidence than Elkan, who managed to keep Ipswich from conceding in a 2-0 win over Gillingham.

“These young players deserve appreciation because they played well. Elkan played very well, he looked good in possession,” explained the former manager. Aston Villa the.

Who is Elkan Baggott’s idol?

Two English Premier League (EPL) stoper have inspired Elkan’s game, they are Virgil van Dijk and Rio Ferdinand, two of the best stoper figures of their respective eras. The player who was hit by a pelvic injury admitted it in an interview on the PSSI Youtube channel.

“Rio Ferdinand and Virgil van Dijk are the definition of quality center-back. So I try to play based on these two players. Right now it is Virgil van Dijk and previously Rio Ferdinand. My style of play is basically similar to them,” he said.

As is well known, Van Dijk is touted as one of – if not the best – the best defender of the era, with the Dutchman successfully becoming one of the key actors to success. Liverpool stop fasting for the English league title, when the Reds secure the top position of the 2019/20 season’s EPL standings.

Meanwhile, Rio Ferdinand is one of the greatest legends of football in the heart of defense. Performance together West Ham United, Leeds United, Manchester United as well as the England national team, he has received numerous individual awards, including being part of the best England squad six times and being entered into the England Hall of Fame in 2016.

Will Elkan Baggott play for the Indonesian national team in the U-20 World Cup?

PSSI’s technical director, Indra Sjafri, has also confirmed that Elkan’s passport is Indonesian, thus dismissing the notion that Elkan is a naturalized player. Indra explained that Elkan had all the criteria for a pro-line player for the national team at the U-20 World Cup.

Elkan has a very big opportunity to be in Indonesia in the U-20 World Cup. There are no obstacles in terms of adaptation, his posture and strength are what Tae-yong craves. Not yet another thing like calm that can add to the confidence of the squad young Garuda.

Elkan has great potential to continue the success of players of Indonesian descent in the national team, after previously having Irfan Bachdim to Ezra Walian. Elkan will be the youngest and have a long career ahead which is still a mystery.

So far, Elkan’s career has more promising prospects than Irfan or Ezra who are already circulating in local competitions. Elkan has hopes of playing in the Ipswich first team, even though his debut in the EFL Trophy class is not a guarantee.

The championship already has a low reputation in the UK region, and is indeed only a place to find playing minutes for young players from the third and fourth caste clubs of the British competition pyramid. But at least, Elkan has hope that still long to develop in Europe.

One thing that is certain so far is that Elkan has the seriousness and reason to choose to wear the Indonesian national team uniform. How he won a scholarship at Ipswich until he was signed by the junior squad Blues After recovering from a pelvic injury is a positive thing for Elkan, who illustrates his determination in knitting career.


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