Gerrit Cole Vs Max Scherzer would star in the Opening Day between Yankees and Nationals | AL BAT

If something strange does not happen and finally on July 23 or 24 the “playball” is sung in Nationals Park in Washington, that day we could witness through television one of the best pitching owners of today.

The Yankees are scheduled to open the regular role by visiting the home of the Washington National champions, Gerrit Cole would debut in the striped uniform measuring himself no more and no less than the three-time Cy Young Award winner and veteran of a thousand battles: Max Scherzer.

If all goes according to expectations, Nationals Park could witness a titans duel on the mound, unfortunately as we all know, fans’ access to major league baseball parks is indefinitely prohibited.

Since the regular role had to be reduced to 60 games due to the Covid-19 outbreak, to limit travel distances, teams would play the majority of their commitments against their division rivals (40 or 10 against each division rival) and the remainder (20) would be against opposing league opponents in the same region (i.e., East LA vs. East LN, LA Central vs. LN Central, West LA vs. West LA the LN).

Until before the game role was modified, Gerrit Cole and the Yankees were planning to open the season against the Orioles in Baltimore City. For his part, Max Scherzer would do the same at the Mets’ Citi Field against the always dominant and winner of the last two National Cy Young, Jacob deGrom; In other words, “Mad Max” had a difficult time in his season debut.

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