Gerindra Fires M Taufik Before Changing Party Judging For Prestige


M Taufik fired as cadre Gerindra Party based on the decision of the Party Honorary Council (MKP). Political experts believe that Gerindra fired M Taufik before resigning and changing parties because of prestige.

“First, it’s a matter of prestige. Gerindra fired M Taufik first to emphasize that Gerindra no longer needs M Taufik in Jakarta. It’s a different story if Taufik resigns first, there is an impression that Taufik doesn’t need Gerindra anymore,” said Executive Director of Indonesian Political Parameters, Adi Prayitno to detikcom, Tuesday (7/6/2022).

“Moreover, Taufik already has issues and indications that he will change parties. Gerindra is quick to fire first,” he added.

Adi said that of the many reasons Gerindra fired M Taufik, there was only one reason that was considered rational. The reason for that is because M Taufik encouraged other candidates to run in the DKI Jakarta gubernatorial election besides Ahmad Riza Patria who is now the Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta.

“One more sin that (Gerindra) did not include, namely Taufik praying for Anies to become President. Something that is considered fatal by Gerindra, which is 1,000 percent solid in running Prabowo in the 2024 presidential election,” he said.

He assessed that the sacking of M Taufik would be a loss for Gerindra. Because, he said, M Taufik’s hard work and totality had made Gerindra strong and solid in Jakarta.

“Whatever the title, M Taufik, the icon of Gerindra Jakarta. It’s just a matter of waiting whether the duet of DPD Gerindra Jakarta Chair Riza Patria, Secretary General Syarif can close the hole left by M Taufik later.

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Gerindra Fires M Taufik

M Taufik was officially fired as a cadre of the Gerindra Party. The decision to sack Gerindra was taken two days after Taufik announced his plan to resign as a member of the DKI DPRD and change parties.

Rumors of M Taufik going to change parties have actually been circulating for several months. However, it was only on Sunday, June 5, 2022, that M Taufik publicly stated that he wanted to leave the DPRD at the end of this month and change parties.

“I left the DPRD in the last weeks of this month. (Out) on 22 (June), (coinciding with) Jakarta’s birthday. Yes, I left (from Gerindra). Right, if you want to change parties, you have to leave first, you can’t do it two by two. ,” said Taufik to detikcom, Sunday (5/6).

Watch the video ‘Gerindra Fired, Taufik Shows Off Achievements and Questions Loyalty Measures’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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