Gazelec Ajaccio sent to N3, the decisions of the week

Tuesday June 30, 2020 5:12 PM -Article written by La Rdaction – Respond to this article

The penalties for the week have fallen for the amateur DNCG. Gazelec Ajaccio is sent on N3.

Thunderclap on Corsica and on Gazelec Ajaccio which does not pass the pitfall of the DNCG at first instance. The club can appeal the decision but is currently sent to National 3.

For the rest, climbs from Stade Montois, Aubagne, Bourges 18 and Rumilly Vallières are granted subject to confirmations of administrative relegations from Athletico Marseille and Tours for Aubagne and Bourges 18.

For Epinal, Bobigny, Rouen, Stade Bordelais, Boulogne, Belfort and Haguenau, budgets are accepted as is.

For Soyaux Charente (D1 female), Béziers, Entente SSG, Avranches, Angoulême, it also goes with a supervised payroll.

The results of the DNCG at June 30

National 1 accession authorization + Supervision of the wage bill : SC Bastia, Sète, Stade Briochin, Annecy

National 2 accession authorization + Supervision of the wage bill : Versailles, Plabennec, Beauvais, Châteaubriant, Stade Montois, Rumilly Vallières, Bourges 18 *, Aubagne *

Accept the budget as is : Romorantin, Drancy, Le Puy, Vitré, Trélissac, Fleury, Les Herbiers, Fréjus, Bastia-Borgo, C’Chartres, MDA Chasselay, Sainte Geneviève, Andrézieux, Gobelins, Saint Malo, Créteil, Chamalières, Bourges Foot, Bobigny, Granville , Vannes, Cholet, Villefranche, Concarneau, Croix, Epinal, Bobigny, Rouen, Stade Bordelais, Boulogne, Belfort, Haguenau

Supervision of the wage bill : Colomiers, St Pryvé St Hilaire, Marignane Gignac, St Maur Lusitanos, Grasse, Saint-Priest, Louhans Cuiseaux, Toulon, Martigues, Mantes, Schiltigheim, Poissy, Endoume, Hyères, SC Lyon, Moulins Yzeure, Blois, Sedan, St Quentin , Laval, Oissel, Jura Sud, Bergerac, Béziers, Entente SSG, Avranches, Angoulême

Deliberate : Canet Roussillon,

Demotion to National 3 : Mulhouse, GFC Ajaccio

forbidden to ride in National 2 : Tours

Order of repechage

If necessary, the FFF will draft the clubs in National 2 in the following order

order of DNCG repechage in National 2

Ranking of the 14th in the quotients:

1. AS ST PRIEST 1,83 Qts

2. LOSC 2 1,5 Qts

3. AS VITRE 1.14 Qts


Ranking of the 15th to the quotients:

1. AS ST ETIENNE 2 1,6 Qts

2. JA DRANCY 1,43 Qts


4. CMS OISSEL 0,33 Qts

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