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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users have reported screen issues. The Notebook Check edition drew attention to the complaints of the device owners.

Journalists found the relevant posts on Reddit. Users complained that smartphones started to overheat, and the screens were damaged by spots of yellow and green. According to consumer reports, the issues came after the March update for Samsung smartphones.

The publication found out that since these smartphones were released about two years ago, they are not covered by the warranty. The owners of the devices said that Samsung offered them to replace the displays with a surcharge of about $ 250. The journalists summed up that, given the comparable cost of repairs, the purchase of the Galaxy Note 9 in 2020 is not a good investment.

In April, a Korean company acknowledged problems with the green screen of the flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra and promised to figure it out. Earlier, smartphone owners said that the devices began to get very hot, some gadget owners noticed the appearance of green bars on the screen.

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