From 1 January, cars will be taxed differently. These are the ne …

From next year, Flanders will tax cars differently. The new CO2 measurement according to the so-called WLTP cycle is then used. Some cars will be loaded more heavily, others lighter. The exemptions for plug-in hybrids and CNG cars will disappear. This was announced by Flemish Minister of Finance Matthias Diependaele on Friday.

CO2 emissions from cars are currently measured according to the NEDC test cycle. In the aftermath of the Dieselgate scandal, it became clear that it does not always produce correct results. Europe is therefore asking Member States to base the burden on the more accurate WLTP test cycle from now on.

Flanders will introduce this renewal on 1 January and this will mainly have consequences for the Tax on Traffic Census (TES). For 70.84 percent of the cars on the market, the rate is falling and for 28.84 percent it is increasing. The average increase is larger than the average decrease. “The increase is attributable to the most polluting cars and the decrease is mainly attributable to city cars and family cars,” says Diependaele. For a Renault Clio petrol, the best-selling car on the Flemish market, the decrease is, for example, 100 euros. For a Peugeot 3008 diesel, the number fifteen on the list, there is an increase of 165 euros.

As far as annual road tax is concerned, the effect is less significant. There it is always an increase or decrease of a few euros.

The favorable tax regime for plug-in hybrids and for vehicles running on natural gas (CNG) will disappear with the entire operation. Electric cars do retain their tax exemption.

Nothing will change for used cars. The reasoning is that anyone who decided to buy a particular car at the time also took the residual value of that vehicle on the second-hand market into account.

Nothing will change for leased cars either. This taxation lies with the federal government.


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