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Decentralization will launch the fourth wave of technology-based innovation. This conclusion is contained in the report of the asset manager in the amount of ~ $ 1.5 trillion, Franklin Templeton, writes CoinDesk.

Decentralization is named by analysts as one of the five megatrends that are transforming modern society.

According to the report, the infrastructure solutions used by large corporations have moved from private to easier-to-adapt open options.

This ensures greater participation by individuals and new businesses, but places disproportionate power in the hands of Web 2.0-companies that operate networks or contribute to their development.

Corporations have also shifted their focus from tangibles to intangibles, such as introducing new technologies to stay competitive. Over the decades, the world has moved from the Internet to decentralized solutions.

In the consumer context, these business changes have heightened the impact that the voice of the individual can have on a company’s strategy. Data analysis and BI refocused on a better understanding of customers and their experience, shifting focus to predicting future behavior.

Thanks to digital asset platforms, individuals have been able to invest in classes of instruments and complex financial products that were previously only available to institutional investors – tokenized assets (including those related to the real world) and DeFi (including derivatives and staking).

“For representatives TradFiwho doubt the potential of new models, it is important to connect them to the trajectory of innovation that innovation has led us over the past 60 years”, the report says.

As a reminder, in September 2022, Franklin Templeton agreed on a partnership with Eaglebrook Advisors, which gave the latter’s clients access to two digital asset-focused strategies.

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The company previously launched an ETF with a focus on virtual worlds.

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