France’s Sanofi has stopped developing an mRNA vaccine

PHOTO: Reuters

The French company Sanofi has stopped developing an mRNA vaccine against COVID-19. Sanofi laboratories have announced positive intermediate results from tests of their mRNA vaccine, but will not continue with the third phase, but will develop their other vaccine against coronavirus, AFP reported.

The reason is that another mRNA vaccine would appear too late on the market – by the end of the year, 12 billion such doses will have been produced. The results of the third phase of trials of the other Sanofi vaccine against COVID-19, using recombinant proteins, are expected before the end of 2021. The development is jointly with GlaxoSmithKline.

Development of antibodies after the second dose of the French company’s mRNA vaccine was observed in 91 to 100% of the volunteers. No side effects have been reported.

“Our goal is not to create new RNA vaccines for COVID-19, but to supply France and Europe with an arsenal of information ribonucleic acid vaccines for a future pandemic, for new diseases,” said Sanofi Deputy Director for Vaccines Thomas Triumph. “Public health does not need another mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine,” he added. Sanofi plans to develop new vaccines against other diseases, such as influenza, based on this technology, as well as to use its potential in oncology.



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