France,’curfew’ from 6 pm… Strengthening of European countries’ blockade measures

UK bans entry from South America… New’mutation’ concerns


As the COVID-19 mutant virus spreads rapidly, European countries are further tightening their containment measures. France has increased the curfew start time from 8 pm to 6 pm by two hours. The UK has decided to block foreigners from entering South American countries, such as Brazil, where a new mutant virus has been confirmed. The Holy See officially announced that Pope Francis has also been vaccinated against Corona 19.

This is Sung Moon-kyu.


It’s in the middle of downtown Paris, but it’s rare even in broad daylight.

There are tents for corona testing all over the streets.

France has decided to move the current curfew from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next day from the 16th to 6 p.m.

Stopping the whole city for 12 hours every day.

It is based on the judgment that the risk is increasing due to the influx of the COVID-19 mutant virus that occurred in foreign countries such as the UK.

[장 카스텍스/프랑스 총리 : 이번 주 토요일부터는 오후 6시부터 통행 금지가 시작됩니다. 프랑스 전역에서 적어도 15일 동안 실시됩니다.]

Recently, there are an average of 16,000 new cases per day in France, and 200 to 300 of them have a mutant virus from the UK.

[카밀레 메니에르/학생 : 완전히 록다운 되는 것보단 6시부터 통금 되는 게 낫죠.]

[장 폴/69살, 은퇴자 : 고통이 뒤따를 겁니다. 하지만 대유행을 늦출 수 있다면 못할 건 없다고 봅니다.]

France has decided to make it mandatory for anyone coming from outside the European Union to submit negative COVID-19 confirmations.

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The British government has decided to ban entry from South American countries.

This is because evidence has appeared in Brazil as well.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan said that four men and women who arrived in Brazil on the 2nd were infected with the mutant virus.

[그랜트 섑스/영국 교통부 장관 : 내일(15일) 아침 4시부터 브라질과 남아메리카, 포르투갈에서 출발하는 비행기는 들어오지 못합니다.]

Although Portugal is a European country, it has been banned because of its close relationship with Brazil.

The Holy See, which had not informed the Pope’s vaccination until yesterday (14th), officially confirmed that Pope Francis had been vaccinated.

Earlier, Pope Francis emphasized that denying the vaccine would endanger the lives of others as well as himself, and emphasized that vaccination is not an option but a necessity.

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