France: Big Tobacco will pay for cigarette butts collection on the street – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – PARIS, 11 AUGUST – Cigarette manufacturers must contribute to the financing of the collection of cigarette butts thrown into public space. It happens in France, where the task was officially entrusted, as of yesterday, to the Alcome organization. Objective? Reduce the number of butts thrown on the ground by 40% within six years. A huge job. Suffice it to say that beyond the Alps, every year, over 23 billion unlit cigarettes are thrown on the ground and 350 tons a year are collected in Paris alone. Filters that contain various toxic agents, such as nicotine, ammonia, mercury, lead and which take a decade to disappear alone.

Tobacco companies will now have to pay a financial contribution, raised by Alcome, to help collect the spent butts. The initiative was promoted by the Ministry for Ecological Transition in Paris. (HANDLE).


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