France, Anne Hidalgo and Marine Le Pen announce the nominations for the Elysée-

from Greta Sclaunich

The socialist mayor of Paris Anna Hidalgo announced her candidacy for the 2022 presidential elections. On the same day, the announcement of Marine Le Pen also arrived.

I have decided to be a candidate for the presidency of the French Republic: he announced it on Sunday morning in Rouen, in Normandy, la Socialist mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. Not a surprise: for months she had multiplied meetings and trips to be sure she had the foundations, the common points to be able to speak to the country. Even the candidacy of the leader of the National Marine Le Pen Rally, also arrived on Sunday morning during a rally in Frejus, in the south of France, it wasn’t a surprise. Le Pen also announced that leaves the presidency of the movement: Logic requires me today to get out of partisan logic, he explained. Emphasizing that in these ten years we have become a governing party while France is now at a crossroads between the abyss and the summit.

Anne Hidlago, the candidacy and the attack on Macron

The official confirmation of Anne Hidalgo’s candidacy arrived during the visit to the port of Rouen (city led by a young socialist mayor, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, near Hidalgo): Today – he declared in his speech – I’m ready: I have decided to be a candidate for offer a future to our children, to all our children. Before our very eyes, the republican model is disintegrating, she said, recalling that she was a French woman born in Spain and that, in recent years, she had listened to the French and the French. In what appeared a clear first-person attack on the incumbent president, Emmanuel Macron, Hidalgo said: I want to start by putting an end to the contempt, the arrogance, the condescension of those who know our lives so badly.

The themes of the program

The choice of place

it was not accidental. One of the central themes of his campaign will be precisely that of the ecological transition, and the port of Rouen the right place to mention industrial reconversion. Plus the fact of announce the candidacy outside Paris allows you to detach yourself from what has always been a limit in political analyzes: being too tied to the capital, driving since 2014, and far from the rest of France. The choice of the moment, not even. In fact, the announcement arrives three days beforerelease of his book Une femme franaise (in Italian, a French woman), in which I will explain what are her priorities and her vision of France. The program is based on a decentralized Republic, closer to the citizens, with the citizens and the main themes on which his candidacy will be played are theto ecological transition, the fight against inequalities, investments in schools.

What happens now

Your candidacy must now go through internal town hall: the socialist militants, after the congress of the PS to be held next weekend, will be called to vote the presidential candidate of 2022. But the opponent of Hidalgo, the mayor of Mans and former Socialist Minister of Agriculture Stphane Le Foll, seems to have lost from the start: thanks to the support of Oliver Faure, secretary of the Ps, the victory of the mayor of Paris seems obvious.

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