Four people were convicted of the murder of Helena Bustos: the story of this brutal crime

Helena Bustos

Helena Bustos Sánchez had been missing since April 28, 2020. She was 21 years old. almost a month later, On May 21, the body of the young woman with 21 stab wounds was found, floating in the waters of the Calle Calle river in the Quitacalzón sector, in front of Huellelhue, about 15 kilometers from the urban area of ​​Valdivia..

Now, the Chilean justice defined that the four defendants, two men and two women, were sentenced to life imprisonment in their conditions of material authors (the men, adolescents of 18 and 19 years of age) and intellectuals (the women, a mother and a daughter of 68 and 50 years of age).

At the time of discovery, His body had bruises on his head, along with numerous stab wounds to the back and neck that caused his death. In addition, the investigation provided a series of details that revealed that It was a planned action. The expertise delivered by the experts from the Public Ministry concluded that Helena Bustos was intercepted by two men, known to her, who asked her to accompany them to an alleged drug transaction.. Thus, the young woman was transferred in a car to the sector on the banks of the Calle Calle river.

But nevertheless, the intellectual authors of this macabre crime are a 68-year-old mother and her 50-year-old daughter, who at the time of the murder were hiding in the bushes of the place. After the young people who killed her were captured and formalized, the investigation showed that the victim’s acquaintances (18 and 19 years old) committed the crime motivated by the two women’s promise to pay 7 million pesos.

The April 29, 2021, almost a year later, relatives and friends of the victim demonstrated, unfurling canvases and putting balloons on the doors of the Court to demand speed in the investigation. The initial term of the investigation was set at 6 months, but it was extended twice.

On January 5, the first oral trial began against the four defendants, two women and two men, by the hired killer of Helena Bustos. The spokesman prosecutor for Los Ríos, Erick Aguayo, said that more than 50 witnesses had to testify during the trial to prove the responsibility of the accused.

After the above, the opening arguments of the oral trial were given, where the Prosecutor of the Jaime Calfil case He detailed the dynamics of the events and how the defendants’ plan was drawn up to transfer the young woman, who was her friend. The thesis maintained by the Public Ministry is that there was a hired killer in the crime of Helena Bustos, since the women, mother and daughter, planned the homicide and hired both young people for it.

The young woman appeared dead on the banks of the Calle Calle river after long days missing
The young woman appeared dead on the banks of the Calle Calle river after long days missing

In this case, the Prosecutor’s Office had requested life imprisonment for the four defendants, arguing the existence of premeditation and treachery in the fact, pointed out the prosecutor Jaime Calfil. The possible motive for the homicide would be related to a settling of scores, as was exposed in the formalization hearing.

The Oral Court of Valdivia, headed by the editing judge, Silvana Muñoz J, He found everyone involved guilty. The four involved must serve life sentence qualified implying deprivation of liberty for life, but establishes the possibility for the convicted person to apply for a benefit after serving 40 years in prison.

During the trial, The Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that the defendants Cecilia Mimica Pino (69) and her daughter Maggi Filgueira Mimica (52) contacted the defendants Fernando Quevedo Gajardo (20) and Matías Pereira Troncoso (21) with the purpose of entrusting them with the murder of Helena Bustos, offering the payment of a sum of money. For this and previously arranged, roles were assigned. The defendants provided the means to the other two defendants: They rented a vehicle in which the victim would be transferred, they chose the place to kill him, they handed over a cell phone to be contacted and a knife.

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