Four men imprisoned, 1 kg of heroin and 300g of cannabis resin seized… a regional drug trafficking network dismantled

Tuesday, May 17, the Dijon judicial police carried out an operation in Beaune, Chagny (Côte d’Or) and Châlon-sur-Saône (Saône-et-Loire) but also in Beaufort Orbagnat (Jura). 9 people were arrested, including 4 imprisoned men.

Heroin, cocaine, cannabis resin… The network supplied up to 150 regular customers in the region. For several months, around thirty investigators from the Dijon judicial police had been on the trail of drug traffickers based in Beaune, and in its agglomeration. Tuesday, May 17, an operation was launched in the municipalities of Beaune, Chagny, Châlon-sur-Saône as well as Beaufort Orbagnat in the Jura and reveals a well-established organization. The information was transmitted by the judicial police of Dijon, by way of a press release.

The supply was made in the Paris region. The head of the network then entrusted the resale of narcotics to a team of assistants in the region. On a daily basis, customers in Beaune (and in particular in the Saint-Jacques district), Chalon-sur-Saône and their surroundings bought their supplies from them.

The intervention took place on Tuesday, May 17. The Dijon judicial police coordinated with the Brigade de Recherches et d’Intervention (BRI de Dijon) to carry out searches in the municipalities of Beaune, Chagny, Châlon-sur-Saône and also Beaufort Orbagnat in the Jura. According to the press release, “1 kg of heroin with 1 kg of product intended to ‘cut’ heroin, several hundred doses of methadone and cocaine, 300 grams of cannabis resin, as well as all the equipment conventionally used in cutting and making doses and strips » have been seized.

Raided inventory ready to be purchased and consumed. Each reseller received a minimum of 3,500 euros net per month. At the end of this operation, nine people were simultaneously arrested, including five men aged 25 to 48 who were presented on May 19 before the Dijon court. Four of them were indicted and then imprisoned.

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