Ford announces the premiere of the Puma ST, the sportiest version of the SUV

The second teaser for the Ford Puma ST emphasizes the sound of the engine, the same used by the Fiesta ST, while allowing to see the first clean images of the body in its new green color.

This week a new official advance was known, quite comical, of the new Ford Puma ST, another of many vehicles that was made to wait longer than necessary due to the global quarantine caused by the Coronavirus COVID-19.

It is a short video published on the social networks of the house of the oval in which, in addition to a couple of interesting details we can hear, in more detail, the engine of the little crossover.

It is, as has been said, the same block used by the Ford Fiesta ST. That is to say, a 1.5 liter Turbo Ecoboost, capable of delivering (in that model) 200 horses and 274 Nm, coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox.

What else is known?

As expected, the Ford Puma ST will be a sports identity car that will come with interesting novelties, both mechanical and aesthetic to complete the range of the generation launched last year.

However, what has been presented so far by those from Detroit only allows us to talk about the second section, where we can see, for example, the sports steering wheel with thick rim and flat base, lined in leather, typical of the ST line.

It will have double exhaust outlet, grill with a much tighter honeycomb pattern more robust bumpers, Recaro sports seats and a new lime green body color than the current model.

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What can we expect?

Apart from the aforementioned, the entry into the ST family makes it easier to anticipate some other aspects that the Ford Puma will probably have, such as larger wheels, than for this case they are expected to be 19 ”.

To the video show red brake calipers, hopefully this system will come with improvements to handle the extra 42 HP of power the model could be gaining. The traction will clearly be front.

With this leak it also confirms that the arrival of the small sports car, a novelty among the massive brands for that segment, It will be September 24 of this year.

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