For this reason, there is an expectation of high demand for the iPhone 15

Expectations within Apple indicate a high demand for the next “iPhone 15 Pro” phone among owners of previous generations, due to the company’s chip that it placed in this new phone.
Apple sources expect the iPhone 15 Pro models to create what they call “alternative demand” among owners of older iPhones, due to the significant improvements enabled by the A17 processor.

The first chip of its kind

This processor is the first chip inside Apple iPhones based on the first generation of TSMC’s 3nm processor, according to the technical “macrumors” website.
And a report issued by “DigiTimes / DigiTimes” quoted suppliers involved in the supply chain of Apple iPhone smartphones that the improved “3 nm” N3E technology from TSMC will enable significant specifications upgrades in the upcoming “iPhone / iPhone” series.

marked request

Suppliers participating in Apple’s iPhone supply chain expect significant demand to replace old phones with 2023 models of the “iPhone 15” series.
It is widely expected that Apple will adopt TSMC 3nm technology, this year, for the A17 Bionic chip, which is likely to power the “iPhone 15 Pro” and “iPhone 15 Pro Max” models.

Performance improvement

The N3 technology will also provide significantly improved performance compared to existing 5nm chips. Technical reports say that the first generation 3nm processor “also known as N3” offers a 35% improvement in power efficiency over the N4 processor based on the 5nm standard from TSMC.
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iPhone 15 Pro Max leaked

The new leaks of the “iPhone 15 Pro Max” revealed the changes that occurred in the design of the phone, which indicated a great similarity between the iPhone 14 Pro Max version.
The leaked images revealed the design of the iPhone 15 Pro Max for the first time, providing the first realistic look at the front of the phone.
And compared to the “iPhone 14/ iPhone 14”, the “iPhone 15 Pro Max” has more rounded corners and thinner frames, according to Forbes.
The leaked images showed that the “iPhone 15 Pro Max” phone did not use the “Lightning” charging port, as it was replaced by the USB-C port that is used in Android phones, and this comes in implementation of European Union laws that adopt the USB-C port for American Apple products to reduce environmental risks. In addition to reducing costs for consumers by using only one charger.
The images also revealed that the thickness of the camera has increased slightly, which indicates that the iPhone 15 Pro Max cameras will get new lenses, but the shape will be similar to the iPhone 14 Pro cameras.
On the other hand, the iPhone 15 Pro Max was designed to be more comfortable in the hand, compared to the sharper corners of the current Apple phones, as the curvature of the corners of the metal structure of the phone and the glass that covers it has been changed, by increasing the curvature of the glass towards The structure, and the increased curvature of the corners of the structure itself to resemble more Macbook devices.
Minor modifications appeared in the form of the two buttons responsible for sound and turning off notifications, as the volume button became more tactile than it was before, and as for the button to turn off notifications, it has become smaller and more circular.
Regardless of the motive, 2023 is a pivotal year in the evolution of the iPhone, as Apple is betting heavily on changes to the chassis, screen, ports and buttons, as well as a new pricing structure that will further differentiate the iPhone Pro. and other models.
iPhone 15 Pro models are expected to be available in dark red or burgundy. Apple often introduces a new color every year, and rumors indicate that this year’s color is dark red.
All iPhone 15/iPhone 15 models are expected to be equipped with a more energy-efficient OLED display chipset that is manufactured using a 28-nanometer process, allowing for lower power consumption that can ultimately lead to improved battery life.

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