Fnatic celebrates league title at Valorant Challengers EMEA

Fnatic’s Valorant pros are at the forefront of the EMEA region for the first time. A 3-0 win over FunPlux Phoenix saw the team secure the Challengers title for the area that includes Europe.

“It feels good,” said Fnatic’s Jake “Boaster” Howlett in the live stream after defeating the defending champion in the final.

Contested victory for Fnatic

It was a special victory for the British e-sportsman. He has been in three major finals since 2020, but has always had to admit defeat. The relief for the Fnatic captain was correspondingly great: “I thought maybe I was just born to finish second. But it doesn’t look like it.”

Fnatic and Booster’s maiden victory was more contested than the result would suggest. Especially on the maps Split and Haven, Fnatic and FPX played a close game. Both games were only decided in extra time. At the end of two intense rounds, the British esports organization was able to prevail after the second overtime with 15:13.

Fnatic as Challengers winner at Masters Copenhagen

Even before the final, it was clear that Fnatic would be one of the top three EMEA teams to take part in the Masters in Copenhagen, Denmark in July. Fnatic is hoping to make amends here after the team tied for last place at the last Masters in April. Accordingly, Boaster is motivated: »Now we come to Copenhagen. Hope we win!«

Twitch-Stream von Valorant

Fnatic Twitter post

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