Flavia Laos will be part of the Austin Palao family trip after the arrival of her mother from the United States

Flavia Laos will travel with Austin Palao and her family. (Photo: Instagram)

It’s not the first time Alexandra Baigorria reveals something about the new relationship that would be forming between Austin Palao Y Flavia Laos. This time, the popular ‘Gringa de Gamarra’ surprised the hosts of En Boca de Todos by releasing a new “Chismecito”.

Let us remember that the former reality girl does not hesitate to highlight, every time she is asked about the future couple, that she is very happy for them and that she is very excited about the possibility that the influencer will become her future “sister-in-law”.

During an interview with the América Televisión program, the businesswoman began by saying that the mother of Austin and Said Palao, Maria Rosa Castrowill arrive in Peru in the next few days and as a welcome, the family is organizing a trip.

“Austin and Said’s mom is coming to Perubecause he lives in the United States. He comes on Wednesday and stays 45 days. So, we’re going to organize a family trip and guess who’s invited?Said the former member of Esto es Guerra, causing intrigue among the television presenters, who excitedly asked who it would be.

“¡Flavia!”exclaimed Alejandra Baigorría and quickly Tula Rodríguez continued asking her for more details about the future vacations of the Palao family.

“We are seeing where, but I think it is a beach (…) I was talking with Flavia, the day of my photo session and I told her: ‘Mary, the mother-in-law, is coming. Let’s go on a little trip.’ And Flavia tells me: ‘but, please, let it be the date when I return from the trip because I can’t miss that family trip’he added.

There is no doubt that Flavia Laos has already won the hearts of Austin Palao’s parents and siblings. Although the models have not yet confirmed that they are officially a couple, they do not hesitate to appear together on social networks.

VIDEO: AméricaTV"/>VIDEO: AméricaTV"/>
Flavia Laos will go on a trip with Austin Palao and her family. VIDEO: America TV


Flavia Laos surprised to attend the baby shower of the sister of Patrick Parodywhere he met Luciana Fuster. Here the young woman looked quite close to the pregnant woman and even spoiled her with a spectacular gift. She herself took care of repost the moment on your Instagram stories.

The former star of Ven Baila Quinceañera did not hesitate to show off again at the Parodi house, despite the tense relationship she has with her ex. As is known, although she no longer has a relationship with the captain of the Warriors, Flavia Laos retains her friendship with the reality boy’s twin sisters. Let’s remember that Patricio is already having an affair with Luciana Fuster, although neither of them wants to make the labels “in love” and “in love” public.

Through her Instagram stories, Flavia published tender photos next to her ex-sister-in-law, who received her more than happy at home because of how close they are. “I am rubbing the lamp. Friend, it’s too hard “Laos commented caressing the belly of the sister of ‘Pato’.

It should be noted that There are no images of Flavia, Luciana and Patricio together in the group photographs. Apparently, the tension between them continues latent since the popular ‘Pato’ and the influencer started datingthus breaking the supposed “friendship codes” that the model had with Flavia Laos.

Flavia Laos if light with on excuñada Majo Parodi.  (Photo: Instagram / @ flavialaosu)
Flavia Laos if light with on excuñada Majo Parodi. (Photo: Instagram / @ flavialaosu)


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