First malware specifically targeting Apple Silicon discovered

by Jordi Bercial
20 minutes ago

As we can see in the blog of Patrick Wardle, an independent computer security researcher, appears to have been found the first malware for Apple Silicon processors, specifically for the M1, the first that has been installed on a company computer, and that will not be the last at all, especially as these processors are becoming more and more common in Apple computers.

This malware, called, is a malware designed to show ads to infected users at the same time as private browsing data is collected, something that, although for now it does not seem to include passwords or data like that, it is still worrisome.

Geeknetic First malware specifically targeting Apple Silicon 1 discovered

For now, a good part of the antivirus are not able to detect this piece of malware because it is a very recent version and compiled exclusively for Apple Silicon processors, so hopefully the companies behind them will update the antivirus databases.

Last but not least, the developer behind the malware has already had its development license revoked, so that the application will not be able to start on any computer with the Apple operating system, and in this case, on no computer, since We can only find Apple M1 processors in MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini.

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Article Writer: Jordi Bercial

Jordi Bercial

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