Film actor Kaladi Jayan passed away

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ Actor and serial producer Kaladi Jayan (P. Ramachandran -72) passed away. He died in a private hospital following stomach related illness. After the arrival of the grandson in America, the body will be brought to the Pilingal House (HSRA A-45), a house near Govt. High School, Manakkad, Caladi at 8 am on Friday. The cremation was at 4:00 p.m. at Taikkad Shanti Gate.

After quitting his job in Titanium, he was active in the acting field and entered the cinema through professional dramas. Acted in 67 films. The notable films were Azhakappan in ‘Mazhavilkavadi’. Chanakyan, Jaghurta, Malayathipenn, Artham, Playkalam, Small World and Big Man, Thalayanamantra, Vyuham, Apoorva Kaggi, Amma Yane Satyam, Ekalavyan, Janam etc.

The last released film is ‘Headmaster’ directed by Rajeev Nath. He last acted in the film ‘Ekan’ four months ago. Along with acting in many serials, he became a co-producer of 25 serials. Notable in this were the episodes of more than a thousand episodes like Sindhiam, Devaragam, Suryaputri, Orma etc.

His own house in Kaladi was given free for the shooting of many films and serials, including crown, scepter and pillow mantra. His wife is S. Geeta. Daughter: Late RG Smitha, Son-in-law: Satish Kalyanaraman (Software Engineer, US)

A career dedicated to acting

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Kaladi Jayan with Mohanlal during the shooting of the film Kiryatam. This movie was shot in Jayan’s house.

Thiruvananthapuram – Kaladi Jayan alias P. Ramachandran has a history of being active in theater acting in the late 70’s when his income was not guaranteed. The curtain falls on a life dedicated to art at the age of 72. It is because of this dedication that the house he lives in is given to shoot films and serials without charging a single rupee.

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Most of the roles he played in films and serials during his five-decade long acting career were not notable for their size, but for their acting style. Thiruvananthapuram was active in professional theater troupes like Sarga Veena and Vaikom Malavika. He reached the silver screen in 1978 with the film Ashramam.

Later many roles, big and small. During this time, he was also active in TV serials. The most notable of these is the role of ‘Netravati’ in the serial ‘Samaya’ with GK Pillai. He also produced about two dozen serials with his partner in Mumbai.

He was in the acting field until he was diagnosed with a stomach ailment late last year. The last time he came in front of the camera was for the movie Ekan four months ago.

He played the role of an old grave digger and his house Pilingal House in Caladi was well known to Malayali people through many hit movies.. This house was the location of movies like Kiryatam, Sengkol, Pillow Mantra, Chiri Loka Vu Vilai Manara, Thacholi Varghese Chekavar and Chanakyan. Many serials were shot. Shooting will take place at home when he is staying there with his family.

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