Fight against the virus, work, climate, rights: the pillars of Von der Leyen. “With Conte summit on health care in Italy. Migrants, we will abolish the Dublin system”

The work and theeconomy on the one hand, the health situation on the other. With the coronavirus to act as a common thread and the green transition come pillar of the restart. Without forgetting the fight against discrimination, the protection of rights and the issue with migrants, with an important announcement: “We will abolish the Dublin regulation“. In the first speech on the state of the union by the President of the Commission Ursula Von der Leyen announces that “with the prime minister Giuseppe Conte and the Italian presidency of the G20 will organize a global health summit, in Italy”. One way to show that the EU is close to citizens, because Europe must “prove that there is for protect them“. It must do so on the health front, but also on the issue of work: “Everyone in the Union must have the minimum wages. They work and it’s about time that work pays off“, Says Von der Leyen to the Eurochamber in Brussels. For the restart of Europe there is the Recovery Fund, which, however, has objectives and the first is the climate: “37% of Next Generation Eu (Recovery Fund, ed) will be spent on our goals Green deal“, Announces Von der Leyen. Which then also relaunches the objectives on cutting emissions: “To become the first climate-neutral continent, we propose to bring the objective for 2030 reduction of emissions at least 55%“. Another pillar of the Union, Von der Leyen points out, is the rule of law: hence the fight against racism and the defense of LGBTQI rights, to create “a Union in which you you can be who you are e love whoever you want without fear of recrimination or discrimination ”.

The protection of rights and the fight against racism are also linked to the issue of migrants. Von der Leyen returns to the subject in his closing speech to the European Parliament and explains that in new plan on migration which will be presented, “the Dublin regulation will be abolished and replaced by a new governance system“. That “will have a common structure for what concerns the nature e i repatriations, will also have a solidarity mechanism very strong and incisive. There will be a debate on this, points on which we will agree and not. I know that too German presidency he wants to have results, ”explains Von der Leyen. Which also responds to the speeches of right-wing parliamentarians: “I listened to the reaction of the right” to the speech on the state of the Union, in the part concerning migration. “Each person has its dignity wherever this comes from. The right has a different opinion. There are various types of human beings: them and us. They must be faced with hatred, but thehate never gave good advice“Says the president of the European Commission.

The pandemic – His speech at the Eurocamera obviously starts from the pandemic. “We have to build a union of health“, Says Von der Leyen, who to do so wants to start from Italy and from the summit that will be organized in 2021 with Prime Minister Conte. “Europeans want to get out of this world of coronavirus, from this fragility, out of this uncertainty. They are ready for a change and are ready to move on. This is the time for Europe to move away from this fragility and towards a new vitality ”, assures the President of the Commission, stressing that“ Europe must continue to protect lives ”. For this reason “it is important at this time of the pandemic that it’s not ending, and that we must manage carefully, act with responsibility e unit“.

The work – Due to the effects of the pandemic, “the European people he is still suffering“. It is “a period of anxiety”, says Von der Leyen, in which Europeans “are worried about how keep the wolf from the door“. Europe “can overcome this phase, continues the President of the Commission, returning to the problem of work. “The truth is that for too many people the work does not pay, the wage dumping destroys the dignity of work and penalizes entrepreneurs, distorts the competition of the internal market ”: according to Von der Leyen“ we must put an end to this situation ”. Such as? “The commission will make a proposal on legislation to support member states and establish a framework on minimum wages. Everyone must have access to minimum wages or through collective bargaining and statutory minimum wages ”.

Il green deal – “The mission of the Green Deal it involves much more than cutting emissions, it’s about creating a stronger world to live in. We have to change the way we treat nature. This is why 37% of the Next Generation EU (Recovery Fund) will be spent on our Green deal goals, ”von der Leyen told the Eurochamber, confirming the commitment to green transition. Furthermore, the 30% of the 750 billion of the Recovery Fund “will be found on the markets thanks to Green bond“, Announces the president of the European Commission. “We know it is necessary the change and we know it’s possible. The Green Deal is our plan to make this transformation and we want to become the first neutral content by 2050, but we won’t make it with this status quo, so we need to be faster ”, warns Von der Leyen, reiterating the goal of reducing emissions by at least 55% by 2030.

The economy – “Our economies will recover after one fall in GDP of 12%, but the virus is still running, and a balance must be found between guaranteeing financial support e sustainability of financial statements“, Says Von der Leyen to the Eurocamera. Then he adds: “We have one new strategy for Schengen”And to strengthen our internal market. To revive the European economy there will (also) be the Recovery Fund: “There has never been a better time to invest in the technology industry European. The 20% of Next Generation Eu will be invested on digital“, Says Von der Leyen. In fact, the president announces the creation of a “European cloud“For data retention,” in the framework of GaiaX “, explaining to focus on the” development of 5G, 6G and glass fiber “, to achieve” Europe’s digital sovereignty “and establish”a secure European digital identity“.

The fight against racism – “Progress in the fight against racism and hatred they are fragile. Now is the time for a change. It is necessary a truly anti-racist Union, ranging from sentence to action, ”says Von der Leyen. Which proposes a plan to extend the list of crimes of the EU “to all forms of hate crime and hate speech, due to race, religion, sex or sexuality. Hate is hate and no one should stand it. We will strengthen our laws on racial equality where there are gaps, ”he explains to the European Parliament. “We will use our budget for address discrimination in areas such as employment, housing or healthcare. Why the fight against racism in this Union it will never be optional“Says von der Leyen. “We will improve education and knowledge on historical causes e cultural racism. We will address the unconscious biases that exist in people, institutions and even algorithms. And we will name the first anti-racism coordinator of the Commission to keep “the dossier at the top” of our agenda “, promises the president.

The rights – “We will ensure that the money from the European Budget and the Next Generation Eu is spent with the guarantees on the rule of law. This is not negotiable ”, adds Von der Leyen. Who dedicates the last part of his speech to rights: “We must try, together, to manage the issue of migration. The images of the field of Moria a Lesbo are a memory painful of the need that Europe has to act together. Everyone has to take on the responsibility and do better. If we improve our efforts then we expect the Member States to do so too, the whole of Europe must do its part ”, says Von der Leyen. He then adds: “I will not rest when it comes to building one Union of equality, because being yourself is not your ideology but it is there your identity and no one can ever steal it from you. The areas where they are attacks on LGBTQI are areas in which there is no humanity and these areas do not find space and place in the Union ”, says the President of the Commission. That “will shortly present a strategy to strengthen the LGBTQI rights and will ask for the mutual recognition of the family relationships in the Union because, if you are a parent in one country, you are a parent in every country ”. At the end of his speech a long one standing ovation by the European Parliament.

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