“Ferrari Partners with Bitdefender to Improve Cybersecurity with Advanced Threat Intelligence”

Thursday, May 18, 2023, 6:41 p.m

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The Romanian manufacturer of antivirus solutions, Bitdefender, is expanding its partnership with the Ferrari car manufacturer PHOTO Pixabay

The Romanian manufacturer of antivirus solutions, Bitdefender, is expanding its partnership with the car manufacturer Ferrarito provide the Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence solution to the company’s global security operations.

According to a press release, sent to AGERPRES on Thursday, Ferrari SpA will integrate Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence into its security operations center Security (SOC) to help Ferrari’s IT security analysts validate and triage alerts faster, improve threat hunting and incident response capabilities.

“The Italian manufacturer will benefit from Bitdefender Operational Intelligence Feeds services that provide contextual information on cyber threats and indicators of compromise (IoC) around advanced persistent threats (APT), phishing and fraud, dangerous IP addresses, domains, URLs and signatures used to spread cyber threats, exploitation of vulnerabilities, command and control (C2) servers and more.Security analysts at Ferrari will also have access to the Bitdefender Operational Intelligence API, a query service that provides useful information not only about cyber threats cyber security, but also contextualized information around them, such as threat actors, malware families, victim profiles (industry, country, platform), trust, severity, popularity score, vulnerabilities, exploits and others”, states Bitdefender.

The Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence solution is based on an extensive network of hundreds of millions of sensors, including its global OEM ecosystem (serving small and medium-sized enterprises), and continuously collects data on cyber threats worldwide. In this context, Bitdefender Labs, formed by an elite team of IT security specialists, correlates data on possible threats, collects known indicators of compromise (IOC), malware, dangerous domains and URLs and performs complex analysis to provide an extended context of threats.

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“This telemetry along with human and automated analysis results in hundreds of new threats added every minute, the validation of billions of threat queries daily, and fewer false positive alerts for IT security teams,” the quoted source notes.

Against this backdrop and based on relevant threat intelligence, the security team at Ferrari will be able to detect cyber threats, malicious campaigns and anomalous behavior more quickly, stopping threats before they affect the organization or spread to the IT infrastructure – from the office on-circuit, on-premise or in the cloud.

A recent survey of over 400 IT security professionals worldwide shows that expanding capabilities across multiple environments (on premise, cloud, hybrid) is the main challenge for many organizations.

Bitdefender is a leader in IT security, offering superior solutions for prevention, detection and response to cyber security incidents. Founded in 2001, the company has clients in over 170 countries and offices on all continents.

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