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There are hot developments in Fenerbahçe, which wants to take it to the museum of the championship trophy in the Super League this season. The yellow-dark blue people, who have already started their work for the end of the season, continue their search for transfers.

The decision was made for Emre Mor in Canary, who wanted to establish a stronger squad. While a surprise suitor appeared for the star player, that team was announced.

There is interest from Europe in Emre Mor, who is in the second place in Fenerbahçe’s offensive line. The talented winger, which Jorge Jesus has always included in the game lately, both contributes to the score with his individual performance and poses a threat to the opposing defenders.


According to the news of Sabah; Critical periods are beginning for Emre Mor, who attracted a lot of attention with his ups and downs in his career and turned into a mover with his arrival in Istanbul.

European teams, who are aware of Emre’s talent and think that he will offer a more stable performance with the maturity brought by his age, will follow Emre in the Beşiktaş match.


Emre, who unexpectedly found a place on the transfer board, may set sail for a new story next summer with his performance, even if he is included in the game later.

Emre Mor, who was later included in the game away from Alanyaspor, scored an excellent goal and clinched 3 points for his team. The talented wing provided instant cuts in difficult competitions such as Sevilla and Rennes and showed up in the European arena.

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First of all, the Italian team Bologna, which is considering hiring the player, will add a purchase option to the contract and will make its final decision based on Emre’s performance. In addition, the player is followed by other clubs besides Bologna.

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