Feeling Free of Food Consumption Not a Cancer Trigger? Nutritionists Call the Potential for Obesity to Lead to Cancer

PR DEPOK – Dense activities often make some people pay less attention to their lifestyle so that it can lead to bad risks for body health.

A nutritionist from MRCCC Siloam Hospital Semanggi Jakarta, Dr. dr Samuel Oetoro MS SpGK said that lifestyle the wrong society has the potential to become trigger the risk of developing disease cancer.

Furthermore, Samuel revealed, a study that was recently conducted found cancer caused by various factors, however trigger the biggest mistake is lifestyle irregular.

“Recent research causes cancer exhibits a multi-factor, but mostly because lifestyle which is wrong, “said Samuel when he was a resource person in the discussion agenda held in Jakarta, quoted by Pikiranrakyat-depok.com from Antara.

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According to him, if the community has understood the factors trigger cancer, then it should leave activities that can reduce health conditions and change lifestyle become more regular so that the body is always healthy and fit.

Samuel said that in order to avoid the risk of various diseases, the body is not only healthy but also has to be in shape.

“You are not only healthy, but also have to be in shape to avoid disease,” said Samuel.

A healthy and fit lifestyle can be influenced by consumption of foods that are healthy, healthy in thinking, healthy in rest, healthy in activities, and supported by a healthy environment.

Samuel assessed that so far people only tend to see types of food based on classification trigger emergence cancer.

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