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Like the forward imagery underlined by the word “Move” in “On The Move”, so is Montblanc’s market signal in this latest integrated marketing campaign, which is to continue to respond with proactivity and keen intuition changes in the market.

Recently, Montblanc released On The Move, a new integrated marketing campaign in 2022, released a new brand advertising blockbuster, and launched a series of works in all categories. The series includes the new fashion 3.0 series of leather goods, the 1858 series of two time watches, the smart watch SUMMIT 3 and many other classic works.

Montblanc Global Brand Ambassador Chen Kun, Brand Ambassador Xin Zhilei

Interpretation with fragrance brand ambassador Hou Minghao

Brand new advertising campaign

For the brand message conveyed by this marketing campaign, Montblanc Global CEO Nicolas Baretzki believes that Montblanc always believes in the infinite power of moving forward, which not only means that it needs to keep moving forward, but also emphasizes that it is constantly moving forward. The need to nourish the heart. Therefore, through this new integrated marketing campaign, Montblanc hopes to inspire the new generation of consumers to be passionate, curious and self-styled, and to write a bright mark in life on the way forward.

It can be seen that the “forward” in this integrated marketing campaign not only emphasizes moving forward in the physical sense, but also demonstrates the spirit and value proposition that the brand adheres to, that is, continuous innovation and “walking towards the heart, self-made.” In an exclusive interview with the Chinese version of WWD, Bai Ruiqi said: “Montblanc is very different from other luxury brands because its establishment is based on a very modern concept. Our brand founders invented a new technology, and then used very modern The concept of Montblanc embodies it, and then gives birth to so many classic products, so Montblanc is a brand full of innovation and creativity.”

From the perspective of inspiration, Montblanc has always been committed to providing intimate and reliable companionship for urban pioneers. This companionship can be a specific multi-product, or it can inspire and resonate with people in the form of a brand culture. This concept has been rooted in the core of the brand spirit and continues to this day. Therefore, at a time when the wave of digitalization is becoming more and more fierce, Montblanc has released this latest integrated marketing campaign, which also aims to continue to demonstrate the brand’s brand proposition that inspires people to move forward – “Every path we choose and every way we move forward. The way we will determine what kind of life imprint we will achieve.”

In addition, the full-category works launched with “On The Move” have also become a concrete manifestation of accompanying urbanites. Products with both a sense of design and practicality provide urban pioneers with intimate and reliable companionship.

  The new Montblanc Style 3.0 leather goods The new Montblanc Style 3.0 leather goods


Therefore, the implementation of the “On The Move” integrated marketing campaign can also be regarded as a continuation of the integrated marketing campaign in the past two years. It is an important step for Montblanc to enrich its brand proposition and product strategy upgrade, and it is also an important step for Montblanc to continue to interpret the brand spirit. The latest initiative to inspire consumers with cultural ideas.

In terms of the visual perception, product design style and the concept conveyed in this advertising blockbuster, Montblanc has been “upgraded” on the basis of following the brand’s proposition, so compared with the marketing activities of the previous two years, “On The Move” also has richer content presentation.

First of all, the brand invited global brand ambassador Chen Kun, brand ambassador Xin Zhilei and fragrance brand ambassador Hou Minghao to jointly perform this latest masterpiece in the Chinese market, trying to use a more suitable expression in the contemporary context to further interpret “Walking towards the heart, owning your own.” What Moves You, Makes You” brand proposition.

In the blockbuster, Chen Kun, Xin Zhilei and Hou Minghao all interpret the new Montblanc Fashion 3.0 series of leather goods and new watches with individual gestures. Moreover, the three ambassadors climbing up the stairs in the video clip or the walking posture shown in the visual blockbuster show the theme of “moving forward” emphasized by “On The Move” in a very figurative way.

  From left to right: Chen Kun, Xin Zhilei and Hou Minghao (swipe right to see more) From left to right: Chen Kun, Xin Zhilei and Hou Minghao (swipe right to see more)


It can be seen from this set of advertising blockbusters that the three star ambassadors with different textures represent the three consumer groups that the brand wants to capture: Chen Kun represents the core audience of the brand, that is, not blindly following traffic and trends. Taste has its own preferences and attitudes; Xin Zhilei represents the independence and self-confidence of Montblanc women; and Hou Minghao represents the new incremental group that the brand hopes to grasp – the Z generation young consumers.

In addition to inviting three star ambassadors from the Chinese market to interpret this series of products, Montblanc also specially invited global brand ambassador Cillian Murphy to perform together.

The high degree of fit between the star ambassador and the brand’s spiritual culture not only allows Montblanc to reach consumers in different circles more widely in this marketing campaign, but also makes the abstract concept more three-dimensional, thus helping it to further Enriching the brand proposition of “walking towards the heart and achieving what you want”.

Whether it is a new generation of consumers or luxury consumers in the traditional circle, they all hope to obtain continuously upgraded and innovative experiences from the brands they trust. This is not only about the consumption experience, but also the brand spirit and their emotional level. resonance. Therefore, through this latest marketing campaign, Montblanc, which has established a more diverse image, has also established a deeper connection with consumers. Lawrence Ingrassia, the former executive deputy editor of The New York Times, pointed out in his book that a brand that succeeds in winning consumers’ favor is mainly due to its ability to deliver a unique brand value proposition to consumers – they often grasp the social Wind direction, casting brand values. At the heart of a brand’s value proposition is targeting consumers’ unmet needs, which have gradually shifted from functional to emotional in recent years.

Secondly, at the product level, the series of all-category works launched in conjunction with the newly integrated marketing campaign On The Move are also more youthful in terms of overall look and feel. Both the design style and the visual presentation are more fashionable, especially as The main leather goods of the series.

Left to right: New Montblanc Style 3.0 M Buckle Backpack

The new Montblanc 1858 series dual time watch

The new Montblanc smart watch SUMMIT 3

(Swipe right to see more)

The new Montblanc Fashion 3.0 series of leather goods is an important part of this whole series of works. Marco Tomasetta, the brand’s global artistic and creative director, draws inspiration from the brand’s classic works, which will come from the brand vision of Grete Gross, the head of Montblanc’s advertising department in the 1920s. The design was refreshed with its own contemporary design perspective, resulting in a new embossed print that is recognizable in the collection of leather goods, and whose visual effect is also reminiscent of the smooth lines of Montblanc’s classic Meisterstück writing instrument. The addition of a variety of styles, sizes, colors and M Lock 4810 press-type locks for consumers to choose from allows this leather goods series to meet the daily needs of different consumers, while the design also combines sports aesthetics and practicality. performance.

The new Montblanc Style 3.0 leather goodsThe new Montblanc Style 3.0 leather goods


When talking about the fashion 3.0 series of leather goods launched this time, Marco Tomasetta said: “Inheriting the culture and accumulation after a hundred years, adhering to the spirit of innovation, Montblanc has created a new series for the urban pioneer who embraces forward and inspiration, and explores new life and vitality. Excellent products. For Montblanc, moving forward is not a movement in the physical sense, but a remarkable ability to achieve extraordinary goals and aspirations with constant enthusiasm and higher pursuits, and to write a unique imprint of life. We are committed to creating products with Functional and inspiring pieces to accompany contemporary explorers on their own journey forward.”

In recent years, as a product category that the brand has actively exerted, leather goods also have a very important strategic significance for Montblanc. Because leather goods can be an extension of writing culture on another carrier, taking the new fashion 3.0 series of leather goods as an example, the smooth lines during writing have become the inspiration for leather goods printing. Classic elements such as pen caps and hexagonal white stars have also become important details in leather products. The diverse product mix and more youthful design in the series not only reflect the brand’s multi-category strategy, but also reflect the brand’s precise insight into the new generation of consumers, which is in line with its brand positioning of integrating luxury and business lifestyles .

Finally, the landing of the On The Move marketing campaign is a further enrichment of the connotation and concept of the brand proposition of “walking toward the heart and achieving one’s own achievements”. Putting forward a brand proposition does not mean that the brand will continue to carry out marketing extensions on top of it, but to continuously add new content to its brand proposition in a way that is constantly advancing and innovating. Just like “On The Move”, the concept it conveys is a complement to the former’s concept, which further emphasizes the importance of moving forward and maintaining belief.

For Montblanc, the actual performance of “innovation” is “moving forward” – moving forward means that the brand needs to constantly break through and update itself. From the first non-leakage writing instrument, to constantly enriching and updating its own writing instruments, launching smart watches, launching handwritten fonts with Feng Tang, to laying out online channels and launching leather goods, Montblanc has always been in a heritage History and continuous innovation on the way forward.

Therefore, considering these three points, it is necessary for Montblanc to release this new integrated marketing campaign. The first is to create a more diverse and youthful brand image, the second is to continue to innovate the product mix and design, and the third is to enrich the meaning and concept of the brand proposition, so as to make it closer to the needs of various consumer circles, strengthen the brand and different Emotional connections between generations of consumers. At the same time, by insisting on the brand value proposition of “moving forward and innovating”, Montblanc can also be distinguished from other brands, so that the brand spirit system that is also in a state of continuous enrichment and renewal will leave a deep impression on consumers. brand imprint.

In fact, since 2020, Montblanc has continued to update its brand awareness ecology through integrated marketing activities.

In 2020, Montblanc released the global marketing advertisement “Walk to the Heart, Achieve Yourself”, which aims to explore the true meaning of success in the new generation, and inspire people to dare to pursue the things they truly love in their hearts, so as to open up the road to self-success. , and use this as a brand new brand proposition. Subsequently, the brand also announced Chen Kun as its global ambassador. Chen Kun, who has multiple identities as a writer, actor and singer, his personal image, professionalism and attitude towards life coincide with the brand proposition advocated by Montblanc. By appointing this star ambassador who conforms to the brand’s values, Montblanc is also further intuitive to consumers. A vivid interpretation of the brand spirit.

Montblanc Global Brand Ambassador Chen KunMontblanc Global Brand Ambassador Chen Kun


In 2021, Montblanc once again launched an integrated marketing campaign around “walking towards the heart, making it happen”, and announced that actress Xin Zhilei became its new brand ambassador. Xin Zhilei, who has shown a confident attitude in both the performing arts and the fashion field, undoubtedly fits the brand’s values ​​of not blindly following and pursuing what she loves. At the same time, Xin Zhilei joined the ranks of brand ambassadors, which also made Montblanc’s intention to expand the female market clearer.

In addition to launching products that meet women’s needs and appointing female brand ambassadors, the brand actively supports values-aligned campaigns to convey the brand’s female attitude. For example, on June 2 last year, Montblanc sponsored the “Jiaren Women’s Influence Night” held in Shanghai. As the special presenting guests of the event, many female guests present that night wore Montblanc’s Baoxi series watches. In the dial between the wrists, the feminine spirit represented by the Baoxi series complements the individual style of its wearer, conveying a positive attitude that encourages women to stick to their original aspirations.

Also last year, Montblanc also continued to launch a new integrated marketing campaign under the framework of its brand proposition of “walking towards the heart and achieving one’s own achievements”, and invited Chen Kun, Xin Zhilei and Cillian Murphy to jointly interpret the newly launched, showcasing The brand’s pioneering spirit of the Jinhei series of full-category products continues to interpret and interpret the brand concept of “adhering to the inner love and eventually achieving something”.

Montblanc brand ambassador Xin Zhilei interprets the new black seriesMontblanc brand ambassador Xin Zhilei interprets the new black series


It is worth mentioning that the Jin Hei series is the first all-black product series designed by the brand, and the product style is more bold and avant-garde than before. But even so, “black” has always been rooted in the brand’s design DNA. Renewing this brand memory and presenting it in a multi-product matrix, on the one hand, continues the brand concept of inheritance and innovation, on the other hand, it also makes younger and more diversified products let people see the brand in Accurate judgment on grasping market trends and insight into consumer needs.

Judging from the integrated marketing activities of the previous two years, they have always been extended around the brand proposition of “walking towards the heart and achieving something by yourself”, largely still for the purpose of strengthening market image and positioning. Then two years later, Montblanc’s brand image has already been established, and its values ​​have been recognized by many consumers. At this time, it becomes very necessary to launch a new integrated marketing campaign, because this is in line with its brand spirit of continuous innovation. It is also a requirement to continue to maintain its own unique market competitiveness.

If the integrated marketing of the past two years is the prelude to the brand’s upgrade, this On The Move is the beginning of the brand’s upward acceleration period. Whether it is from the literal meaning of On The Move or the brand’s definition of it, it emphasizes the word “move”, which reflects a signal that the brand is still upgrading and self-renewing, building After establishing a complete brand awareness ecology, it is beginning to accelerate the pace of brand development to cope with the ever-changing market and times.

A market report pointed out that in the current era of great material abundance, consumers are more eager for spiritual satisfaction. As the wave of digitalization gradually blurs the boundaries between reality and virtuality, the definition of luxury has also changed, so its value symbols and conveyed meanings have also been re-emphasized by consumers, and their expectations for brand values ​​are getting higher and higher. High, which means that those brands with rich history will be more favored by consumers, so this also prompts brands like Montblanc to continuously strengthen and invest in the brand value system.

From the launch of the brand proposition of “walking towards the heart and making your own achievements” in 2020 to today’s On The Move, Montblanc has always adhered to its own marketing methodology, which has been progressive and gradually full. As for the next step for the brand after On The Move, that is, it will continue to rely on proactive attacks and keen intuition to continuously update the power of the brand’s cognitive ecology, which will ultimately empower the brand to enter the next peak of development. can. WWD

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