failure to create a second union in New York

About 1,633 employees in total were called upon to vote last week, during a ballot spread from April 25 to 29. 998 voted, which represents a participation rate of 61%. ALU had created the surprise at the beginning of April by becoming the company’s first union in the United States, within the JFK8 warehouse.

Joe Biden advocated for unions

Second largest employer in the United States after the distribution giant Walmart, Amazon had until then succeeded in repelling the desires of employees wishing to regroup in the country since its creation in 1994. In the wake of its first success, ALU aroused the craze, its members claiming to have been contacted by representatives of warehouses all over the country.

US President Joe Biden himself had delivered a strong plea in favor of the unions in early April, declaring during his speech: “Besides, Amazon, we are coming…” Two stars of the Democratic left, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, had also come to support the movement in front of the LDJ5 sorting center.

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