Fact Check: Garuda Indonesia Crash Landing in Iran Viral on YouTube – Facebook, Actually Revealed

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM – Viral on social media YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook about the video of the seconds of the aircraft landing incident.

According to the title of the video, it is stated that the plane Garuda Indonesia similar to the Boeing 777 type with flight number GA-200 experiencing crash landing (landing accident) in Iran.

The fuselage seemed to sway when it tried to touch the runway, then climbed up again.

Then down again until finally the nose of the plane “kissed” the ground, then it bounced on the runway causing a puff of smoke like something was on fire.

The event is said to have occurred in 2022, but there is no date.

Based on the circulating narrative, as many as 421 people became victims.

“The most trending news in the past 2 days is about the Airplane crash in Indonesia, and many people are looking to watch the video about that, there is a clip that shows a flight named Garuda Indonesia Crash Landing In Iran when about 421+ people almost lost their lives in the accident.” (The most trending news in the last 2 days is about accident Airplane in Indonesia, and a lot of people are looking to watch a video about it, there is a clip showing a flight called Garuda Indonesia Crash Landing Di Iran when around 421+ people nearly lost their lives in accident that.)

This is the narrative that circulates.

Watch one of the videos below.

Fact or hoax?


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