Facial Treatment Using IPL Technique, Skin is Moist and supple

MEDAN, METRODAILY – Love your skin. Healthy, moist, bright, and supple skin is the key to women’s beauty. And you know, healthy skin can be had with regular and proper care.

Healthy skin and free from various skin problems, such as acne, mylia, breakouts, and so on can be obtained through treatments with laser and light-based technology.

In Medan, ZAP Clinic on Jalan Iskandar Muda and ZAP Clinic Sun Plaza offer maximum technology-based care.

“ZAP Clinic provides skin beauty treatments with the IPL Rejuvenation + Oxy Infusion technique. This treatment is suitable for dull skin due to accumulated dirt that clogs pores such as milia, acne due to bacterial infection, and pimples (small pimples), even moles,” said Dr Eliza SpKK, a beauty doctor at ZAP Clinic Jalan Iskandar Muda. Medan, Friday (21/1/2022).

Patient care begins with a consultation with a doctor according to the patient’s complaint: an aesthetic (beauty) doctor, a skin and venereal specialist, or a general practitioner.

For beauty care, for example, the doctor’s standard question is: What is the patient’s complaint? Then do a facial skin examination. Is there a history of diseases such as allergies, convulsions, skin diseases, and so on.

After diagnosing, the patient is directed to perform treatment in the treatment room.

Skin beauty treatment using the IPL Rejuvenation + Oxy Infusion technique, started by the nursing staff covering the patient’s eyes with special glasses.

“This treatment uses the light technique. So it will be a little dazzling,” said Dr Eliza before treating the patient.

Next, the cold gel is applied thickly to the facial skin, left for a while before starting the IPL Rejuvenation technique. The skin feels massaged and pressed with a device that emits light. Even though the eyes are closed, the light still seems to glow.

After the massage with these tools, the skin is cleaned again before applying moisturizer.

“How does it feel, any complaints?” asked Eliza’s doctor.

“There’s no doctor.”

“Okay, for the next two days, don’t do strenuous exercise or swim yet. Then avoid hot showers, don’t use scrubs, don’t use night creams. Just two days,” he said.

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Dr Eliza, SpKK, a beauty specialist at ZAP Clinic Jalan Iskandar Muda, Medan.

The rest, patients are advised to do treatment regularly once a week or once every two weeks. “Treatment must be regular, there are no instant results if you want to get maximum results,” he said.

After treatment with the IPL Rejuvenation technique, facial skin feels clean, moist, supple, and very comfortable.

“This treatment when done regularly will help increase the production of collagen in the skin. Women over 30 years old have reduced collagen. That’s why wrinkles appear. Now this treatment stimulates the formation of collagen so that the skin is more durable, “explained Dr. Eliza.

In addition, the treatment is also able to brighten, even out skin tone by reducing pigment in the epidermis, and moisturize the skin.

“This treatment is safe, even for sensitive skin,” said Eliza.

Two other patients, namely Adel and Donna who underwent similar treatment, acknowledged the results. “Skin feels moisturised and supple. It feels so fresh,” said Donna.

This clinic offers beauty treatment packages for a year, with varying and relatively affordable prices.

ZAP Clinic at Sun Plaza Medan.

Seamless Armpits

Not only facial skin, women are also often more confident if the hairs on the armpits, legs, and others are clean shaven.

At ZAP Clinic, there is Underarms Hair Removal which can remove stubborn hair in the armpit area to permanent loss, with the help of IPL Underarms Rejuvenation technology.

This technique can help brighten the skin in the armpit area. Even Super Brightening Underarm, which is a premium treatment, is able to provide significant results with a special safe method, to lighten even darkened skin.

This hair removal service is available both at ZAP’s premium clinic in Iskandar Muda, as well as at Sun Plaza.

At ZAP Clinic Sun Plaza, doctor Jessica, also initiated services to patients with consultations. What are your complaints, is there a history of illness: seizures, smallpox, herpes, HIV, drugs you take regularly, and so on.

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Next, the patient is taken to the treatment room, lies down and begins the treatment process. First, the patient’s armpits are cleaned and shaved.
With the eyes closed, the armpits are smeared with cold gel, left for a while then treated with the IPL Rejuvenation machine. The process is similar to facial treatments. Where the glowing IPL Rejuvenation device is pressed against the armpit over the cold gel. It feels a little jittery. But light. It’s just that in the morning, patients who are sensitive, it will feel ticklish when treated

After finishing the left and right treatment, the armpits were cleaned again and applied a kind of moisturizer.

Already. Treatment is complete.

“The treatment process should be done every month, so that the armpits are really clean. Later, after the process is carried out regularly, hair root growth will slow down and may not grow again. It depends on the condition of the patient’s body, “said Dr. Jessica.

ZaP Clinic provides hair removal packages for a year, at a relative price. The armpit package is the cheapest package.

Dr. Jessica also explained tips that should be avoided after treatment.
Namely avoid strenuous exercise, do not take hot showers, do not use deodorant, scrubs, and others. “Just two days,” he said with a smile.

Patients were seen one after another coming for consultation and treatment at the ZAP Clinic, both Iskadar Muda and Sun Plaza Medan.

“We have an unlimited savings package for 1 year hair removal membership starting from IDR 104 thousand per month. There is an additional cashback of IDR 750 thousand. This package is specifically for new memberships. There are underarms, underarms combo, women brazilian, and lower legs packages available,” said Josephine, a staff at Zap Clinic Sun Plaza.

Oh yes, at ZAP Clinic, there are also obstetrician and pediatrician services, ultrasound, Pap smear, Vaginal Toilet, Family Planning, Vaccines, and Childhood Immunizations. (My)

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