Face to face in Australian waters, bull sharks escape to see a 4.8 meter crocodile

PERTH, KOMPAS.com – This is the moment when a bull shark run when you see crocodile along the 4.8 meters when they faced off in the water Australia.

This unique and terrible moment was reported to have occurred on the Ord River, in the northern tip of Western Australia State.

Based on the drone video uploaded on YouTube Caravan Adventure Aus, the bull shark initially swam toward the saltwater crocodile.

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When they were close enough, the shark, which could grow up to 2.1 meters, suddenly swam round to the right.

After that he turned around and swam away from the crocodile into wider waters, with the crocodile then continuing swimming.

Reported The Sun Wednesday (11/25/2020), the incident was recorded by the couple Chelsea Wood and Bryce Connole while they were on vacation to Australia.

To local media NCA Newswire, Wood said the moment gave horror because the two predators were not far from the visitor.

“At the time of the incident there were many people fishing with children playing in the water. They all did not realize what was happening,” he said.

Wood and his girlfriend were fishing in the knee-deep area when they saw the crocodile, which he predicted would be 4.8 meters long.

About a meter from where they were, they saw the reptile. “We immediately informed local residents,” he said.

A number of crocodiles in “Kangaroo Country” are reported to grow up to 20 feet or about 6 meters, and weigh up to 1,300 kg.

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