Fã porta Need for Speed 3 para a Unreal Engine 5

Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit is one of the franchise’s most beloved titles by fans, and one of them recently started porting the game to Unreal Engine 5. Check it out:

As you can see, this is really a portnot of a remake/remaster. Therefore, the models and textures are the same as in the original 1998 version. The idea is to see how the assets originals interact with the features of the new Unreal, such as the new lighting system.

“For the 3D conversion, I used several modification tools to Need for Speed and also Houdini [N. do T.: ferramenta de animação 3D] from Python [N. do T.: linguagem de programação]”, said the creator of the project, Dávid Kereke, in the description of the video.

So far, only two lanes work: Atlantica and Hometown. However, Kereke says this is just the beginning.

Source: David Wheel (YouTube)

EA is a little quiet about Need for Speed. In 2020, it was announced that the franchise would go back to developer Criterion. In the same year, it was leaked a video of a preliminary version of a new game in the series. Since then, they have appeared many rumors about what this game will be, as well as when and for what platforms it will be released, but an official announcement has yet to be made.

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