Exclusive, Fahmi Alamsyah meets Ferdy Sambo twice

Friday, September 2, 2022 08:21 AM WIB

Fahmi Alamsyah. Personal Doc


Fahmi Alamsyah. Dok.Pribadi

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Involvement of the Police Chief’s Expert Staff Fahmi Alamsyah in the case of the murder of Brigadier J it is still a mystery. Although he is said to have been involved in drafting a false scenario with the former head of the National Police’s Professional and Security Division, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, Fahmi has not been touched by the law.

Based on the exam report or BAP Ferdi Sambo and former Domestic Security Bureau chief of National Police Brigadier General Hendra Kurniawan whom Tempo had seen, Fahmi recorded at least twice encounters with Sambo.

Fahmi Alamsyah’s first meeting with Ferdy Sambo

First, Fahmi met Sambo in the room of the former Chief of the National Police Officer, Brigadier General Benny Ali, on Friday evening, July 8, 2022. The meeting took place after Hendra, Benny and Ferdy had met with National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo.

Hendra in his statement said that during the meeting, Benny Ali talked about the handling of Joshua’s death case which had been handed over to Kombes Agus Nurpatria as Kaden A of the Paminal Bureau.

The bout was also listed in Ferdy Sambo’s BAP that Tempo saw. Sambo confirms the statement Hendra Kurniawan read by the investigator.

Following, the Second Encounter in the Ferdy Sambo Room

30 minutes ago

Putri Candravathi not detained, observer: discriminatory treatment of serious crime offenders

Princess Candrawati was found fit for detention.

1 hour ago

Profile of Brigadier General Hendra Kurniawan who underwent an ethical trial and his role in the case of Brigadier J

Brigadier General Hendra Kurniawan’s lifestyle was in the spotlight. He is said to have been involved in vandalism and the disappearance of CCTV cameras around Ferdy Sambo’s home.

4 hours ago

Facts about the determination of the suspicion of obstruction of justice in the case of Brigadier J

The National Police Headquarters has appointed a number of suspects strongly suspected of being involved in a criminal act of obstructing the investigation or obstructing justice in the case of Brigadier J.

6 hours ago

AGO receives the SPDP for six suspects in the case of obstruction of justice

AGO received a warrant to initiate an investigation (SPDP) on behalf of six suspects in the case of obstruction of justice

8 hours ago

Case files incomplete, Ferdy Sambo C’s detention extended by 40 days

The Attorney General’s Office today, Thursday 1 September 2022, returned the file of suspect Ferdy Sambo Cs extending his detention

9 hours ago

Seali Syah Uploads Ferdy Sambo’s Statement Letter About Brigadier General Hendra Kurniawan’s Innocent: Jreng Jreng Jreng

Seli Syah, who works as a lawyer, has written about the pressures and even threats she faced while seeking justice for her husband.

9 hours ago

Princess Candrawati has been banned, immigration says if you want to go abroad your face will be detected

Princess Candrawati has been banned since August 23

10 hours ago

Komnas HAM reveals that Ferdy Sambo’s son received cyberbullying threats

Komnas Commissioner HAM Beka Ulung Hapsara explained that the children of Ferdy Sambo and Putri Chandrawati have also been affected by the case that has now affected their parents.

12 hours ago

Komnas HAM shows photos of Brigadier J’s condition after being shot by Ferdy Sambo

In the photo opened by Komnas HAM, the body of Brigadier J can be seen stiffened in front of the bathroom entrance and near the stairs.

12 hours ago

Return Ferdy Sambo Cs files to investigators, Attorney General’s Office: not complete

The Attorney General’s Office has asked the investigation team to complete the murder dossier of Brigadier J with suspect Ferdy Sambo Cs.

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