Eternal and present time: theme of the next “Patio de Francisco”

The demonstration, which reaches its eighth edition, will take place in the Sacred Convent of Assisi. Among the participants, Cardinals Zuppi and Scola

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“Eternal and the present time” will be the theme of the eighth edition of the Patio de Francisco, which will take place in the Sacred Convent of Assisi from September 2 to 4. More than twenty meetings, between reading, debates and round tables, in which personalities from civil society, the religious world and journalism will participate. The idea is to confront and reflect on a horizon that goes beyond the everyday that – according to the presentation statement – ​​is “defeated by a harsh current situation made of wars, pandemics, climate and economic crises”. “It seems – in fact – that there is no longer room to look beyond these dramatic events or, in any case, beyond the brief time of everyday life.”

The participants of the eighth edition

The event will be subdivided into two sections: “Eternal”, in which the subject will be approached from a theoretical perspective, involving philosophy, theology, art and science, and “present time”, in which the areas that characterize the times we are living in, such as wars, work, poverty, the climate and energy crisis.

Cardinals Matteo Zuppi, President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, CEI, and Archbishop of Bologna, and Angelo Scola, Archbishop Emeritus of Milan, will participate. Also participating will be the economist Fabrizio Barca; the president of the National Social Welfare Institute, INPS, Pasquale Tridico; the former president of the Italian Space Agency, Roberto Battiston; the general secretary of the Italian Confederation of self-employed workers’ unions, CISAL, Luigi Sbarra; the philosopher Donatella Di Cesare; the magistrate Edmondo Bruti Liberato and the meteorologist Mario Giuliacci.

Art and music

During the event, organized by the Sacred Convent of Assisi and the Association Oicos ​​Reflections and under the patronage of the local institutions of Umbria, there will also be moments of music and art, such as the vertical dance show of the company The placewhich will act from the bell tower of the Basilica of San Francisco.

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