Established before Indonesian independence, this is the oldest bus in West Sumatra

JAKARTA, – PT Naikilah Minang Company (NPM) has become one of the bus companies (PO) which has successfully survived since the era of Indonesia was not independent until now.

This NPM has the status as The oldest PO bus in West Sumatra (Boast). Why not, PT NPM was already running before the independence of the Republic of Indonesia to be precise around 1937.

This means that the PO bus has been serving the community for about 80 years. A company decree was issued in 1948, and is still in Dutch.

As a result, NPM may be the single oldest transportation company in West Sumatra, even in Indonesia

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Now, NPM is led by a man named Angga Vircansa Chairul who currently serves as the President Director of PT NPM starting in 2009. Angga’s leadership is the third generation since the company was founded.

Now AFTER NPM serving AKDP (Inter City Within Province), AKAP (Inter City Inter Province) and Tourism. Currently, the route being served is West Sumatra to several cities in Sumatra and Java.

“As The oldest PO bus“We have experienced ups and downs, from the monetary crisis in 1998 to the early 2000s which also hit the transportation business,” said Angga, quoted from the official statement of PerpalZ TV, Tuesday (6/4/2021).

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“Furthermore, air transportation has become rampant and now there is a Covid-19 pandemic. We are challenged to continue to innovate in order to survive and grow in the land transportation industry, “continued Angga.

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For information, PerpalZ TV is a YouTube channel that deals specifically with the world of automotive and land transportation in Indonesia. This channel examines the history, technology, regulation and development of the world of land transportation Indonesian autobus.

Meanwhile, Angga continued his story, PO NPM achieved its heyday in the 90s with the Padang – Bukittinggi route. In that era, NPM could dispatch 40 buses every day with 7 scheduled departures.

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However, the heyday of PO NPM was felt to run aground when the monetary crisis hit Indonesia which also impacted the transportation business in 1998 to the early 2000s.

PO NPM once had a total of 101 units in the 90s and due to the impact of the monetary crisis, the remaining units were only around 40 units because many were sold to cover operational costs.

Apart from the monetary crisis, other things that have affected the decline in the land transportation business are the existence of air transportation which has many routes in several cities, the increasing number of airlines and of course the prices are starting to be affordable.

“People are more and more switching to air transportation, which causes the land transportation mode business to decrease in number of enthusiasts. Even in the last year, exposure from the Covid-19 pandemic has also become the biggest challenge for bus buses, “said Angga.

At the beginning, Angga held the NPM company, the number of operating units remaining was only 27 units and until now it has begun to develop again so that the number of operating units is around 57 units, serving Padang – Jakarta, Padang – Medan, Padang – Jambi and Tourism.

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The NPM itself is an acronym, namely “Go up to the Minang Company”. At that time, company names with acronyms were trending.

PO NPM which was founded by Bahauddin Sutan Barbangso Nan Kuniang is based in the city of Padang Panjang, West Sumatra. PT NPM has a motto “Safe, Accurate, Reliable” which also competes with PO ALS, PO ANS and others.


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