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According to the report, the number of PC users in the store reached more than 160 million, the number of daily active users increased by 192% to 31.3 million, and the number of simultaneous connections at the peak was 13 million. In addition, the industry’s largest rival that the store strongly sees,Valve’s “Steam”The number of daily active users is 62.6 million, and the number of simultaneous connections during peak hours is 24.8 million. Both are still doubled, but paradoxically, the Epic Games Store has already achieved about half the user base of Steam.

The store has a strong Fortnite presence, but 37% of sales in 2020 are from third parties, with 471 titles released annually. In addition, 103 of these new releases are the first appearances as weekly free games.

The company commented that 2021 will focus on store development centered on “opening the store to all developers who want to release the title on the Epic store.” The store aims to provide developers with a self-publishing tool for the EGS platform and rapidly increase the number of titles in the store, but the store originally had Steam platform fees and the number of games since the launch of “Steam Direct.” It is unclear what it will look like, as it has evolved in a critical context of the flooding of.

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