Enter the PUBG Mobile official website, download the new PUBG 0.18.0 update, May 2020

We publish a link to enter the official website of PUBG Mobile or PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE to download the update for the new PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 March 2020, and to follow the latest developments about updates to the global mobile game that has spread amazingly in all parts of the world, where the game PBG Mobile gives more suspense The excitement for the players, in light of the keen interest of the company producing the game Buggy Tencent Games to update the Buggy periodically to add new improvements.

The new improvements and features of the modern version are recognized through entering the Bebji Game website, where the latest news related to the game is displayed on the site in order to allow access to the new announced by the game’s administrators, and through our site Arab News you can now get to know The way to update the Peggy Mobile to the latest version, and find out the way to change the name for free through the “Rename Card”. You can also find out where the city of Pozzo is located on the Miramar map, and see the types of assault rifles in Bebji.

PUBG Mobile official website

The company that produces the game Peggy Mobile Tencent Games can follow the new PUBG Mobile game globally by entering the official website of the game Peggy Mobile, where many people around the world want to experience going down to the battlefield and fighting in the battlefield with hundreds of other players and eagerness To survive until the end of the battle, Popeye Mobile is an exciting and exciting action game that includes weapons tracks and ultra-realistic controls.

And explore many elements of the random random battlefields in the original mobile phone game on your mobile phone, as the game contains maps and buildings that simulate life and vehicles that collide with road obstacles and three-dimensional sound effects, and the game also allows you to talk to friends while fighting the battle at any time and from anywhere Around the world, you can experience fighting in the mobile phone game after downloading the original international mobile from Google Play or App Store, and the ability to follow the latest developments by entering the official website of PUBG Mobile.

Important Notice: The release of Bebji Season 9 Royale Pass Season 9 was announced through the official Bebbij Mobile account on the social networking site “Twitter”, where players can now travel in the footsteps of warriors from all over the world and take the mantle of honor, as you can go out to the arenas The battle and making sure to return again victorious, and whoever wants to enter the website of the mobile game, or follow the official accounts of the game on social media, this can be done by following the following links:


Update mobile phone ninth season

How to create a new webpage account

In case you want to create a new account in the mobile phone game, you must do the following:

    1. Download mobile phone from Google Play or App Store.
    2. Sign out of all your social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, QQ, Wechat, VK).
    3. Restart webbie mobile.
    4. Click on the desired social media to create an account on it, and then log in.
    5. Determination of nationality.
    6. Edit your appearance.
    7. Enter the desired surname by clicking on the name box.
    8. It should be noted that the game Mobile Phone will enter your name on Facebook as a title for the player automatically, but you can change the name when you are at the interface of creation by clicking on the title.
    9. After going through all the previous steps and completing them, you can click on the “Create” icon.

PUBG Mobile

Repeated nicknames are not allowed, meaning that if you choose a pseudonym and find it used by one of the other players, you must choose another title, either as for the official PUBG Mobile website or the official accounts of the game PUBG Mobile on social media, you can access it by Through the official links attached to the previous table, you can get to know the city of Sahmi on the map of Sanhok. You can also find the location of the city of Hatna.

Bebji Season 9 “Royal Pass”

The start of the Bebji Season 9 Royal Pass has been announced officially by the warriors and the Global Treasure Hunt, in addition to a set of “Bb Mobile Mobile Awards” worth $ 1 million that may be waiting for you. It was mentioned in the Bebbje Season 9 improvements that a device has been added The timing shows the countdown to the new season, and you can request that the new season be passed from your friends until seven days before the start of the new season, and the official PUBG Mobile website is entered by following the attached official link.

Update: It was announced by Bebji Mobile the official account on the social networking site Twitter that if you want to win a trip in order to see the best player in the world with a competition PMCO 2019 Fall Split Global Finals sponsored by Vivo? You must complete missions and missions as part of the Global Treasure Hunt Event in order to have an opportunity to travel around the world, as announced by the Bebji Technical Support for the application of improvements or a new update to computer players without causing server crashes, in order to improve stability Backend systems, you just have to restart Steam to download a webpage update for your computer.

Update: The Buggy Mobile game has issued an alert to players who use iOS players officially today, as it announced that the thirteenth version of iOS includes a new feature which is (when touching the screen with three fingers, it activates a new function at one time), and is currently working On the part of Mobile Phones in cooperation with Apple on this issue, players should think about how this feature affects them before they choose to update.

Hacking a Peggy or Hacking a Puggy Mobile and the Felony Punishment

The Babbiji Mobile game has officially announced through its account on the social networking site “Twitter” that it continues to ban cheating players as part of a commitment to maintaining fair play, as the game confronts those who hack at Babbij for better results, and has published a link to see Names of the players banned during the period from 17 to 23 September 2019 from the computer or by mobile phone through the official PUBG Mobile website.

Update: The Buggy Mobile game announced via the official account of the game on the social networking site “Twitter” that the ninth season Royal Bass has many new promotions, as it is now better and easier than in the past times, and you can learn about all the ways in which the Royal Bass experience was developed With it, then enjoy the Elite Royale Pass experience you deserve.

Update: Buggy Mobile announced the possibility of winning the iPhone 11 Pro Max during the month of October 2019, where you can get the phone by logging in Buggy Mobile and stay up to date to learn more opportunities available, and also announced the availability of the update of the Mobile Phone 0.15. 0 during the month of October, when explosive fuel cans will be added, traps set for enemies, or quickly reacted and used in fire battles to secure the tactical advantage.

PUBG update 0.15.0 October 2019

The Buggy Mobile game announced the addition of new improvements within the next Buggy update during the month of October 2019, it is important to bring the tool that suits the appropriate job, as the desert eagle that is included in the update of the new Buggy is the best tool if your goal is to cause a lot of damage, In addition to other weapon improvements, the official PUBG Mobile website can be accessed by following the attached direct link.

PUBG Mobile official website
Webpage update

The mobile update November 2019

Publisher Mobile announced the release of the new version, and the start of Royale Pass Season 10 on November 9, 2019.

Are you ready for the Apocalypse? Bombs may fall, and marauding squads may fight it out for vital resources, but in PUBG MOBILE that’s all part of the fun! Join us for Royale Pass Season 10, coming November 9!

New mobile 0.17.0 update in March 2020

The PUBGy 0.17.0 update includes a number of improvements and features such as adding a “replay” camera to re-video the way you are killed, adding the second year celebration phase, adding the classic theme park in the “Erngel” map, semi-winter mode, and adding the stay in the evoground is a storm Snowy, assemble food, fight players, allow Coment to write a player’s profile against hardships, add the new Air Force DBS Shotgun, and return the militant mode “new arcade mode”.

The BBG Mobile game has announced the start of providing the new update as of March 3, 2020, and there will not be a pause for the game until the update and maintenance are completed, and obtaining the new BBG update 0.17.0 requires approximately 1.69 GB of storage space, and whoever wishes to enter The official mobile website, that can be done by following the official link attached to the article through our Arab News website.

PUBG Mobile update add-ons

The company that produced the PUBG Mobile game announced the advantages of updating the new PUBG Mobile for May 2020, version number 0.18.0 Mad Miramar through its website, and the download of the new PBG Mobile game update will start from Thursday, May 7, 2020.

The BBG Mobile game also announced that the server will not be moved to offline mode and the server is down for this update, and the new BBG update 0.18.0 requires about 1.97 GB for iPhone phones, and requires about 2.21 GB for Android phones, and you must make sure to download the new update at the earliest A time to take advantage of the new features, and whoever wants to see all the features of the new update, can do so by following the link (pubgmobile.com) through the official Bebji website.

Enter the mobile website
Download the new webpage update

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