End boss Clint Eastwood (90) directs and plays the lead in ‘Cry Macho’


[b]The now 90-year-old Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood has started looking for locations for his next film Cry Macho, a Warner Bros. Pictures. Eastwood will not only direct the film, but will also play the lead role.

Cry Macho is based on the book by N. Richard Nash and is about a former rodeoster / horse breeder who in 1978 is ordered by an ex-boss to take his young son away from his drink-addicted mother. Eastwood’s character has to travel to Mexico for this and, together with the kid, has to endure the necessary setbacks. In the meantime, he teaches the boy what it takes to become a good person.

In the cinemas next year?
Warner Bros. hasn’t officially given the go-ahead for the film yet, but Eastwood is known for getting projects off the ground quickly and completing his productions in a short space of time. We therefore expect the film to be released next year. Eastwood is co-producing the film with Al Ruddy, Tim Moore and Jessica Meier. Nash and Nick Schneck wrote the script.

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