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Elena Padikkal, who graced the audience with her presentation, is happy to be married with the consent of her six – year – old love family. Elena is engaged to be married on January 20. The date has not been decided but the wedding will take place later this year. Elena speaks to Manorama Online amidst the hustle and bustle of engagement preparations

Where is the engagement? Are you ready?

The ceremony will be held at Thiruvananthapuram. Preparations are underway. Entrusted with event management. There is a lot of discussion going on through the WhatsApp group with cousins ​​and friends. Truth be told, there is only discussion. Everything will be ready at the last minute. The pleasure of doing so in a hurry is something else.

The appointment was shifted to Thiruvananthapuram as Kovid had to meet the norms. Or the ceremony would have been in my hometown Kottayam. Rohit and my close relatives and friends will be part of the ceremony.

My stylist Nithin Suresh and designer Sameera Shaiju (Tanus Boutique Kollam) make the costumes. In fact I have never seen clothes. I do not know its pattern. They said they would give her a signature dress. I have been assured that I will join. They know how to choose the best dress for me.

I’m told you to keep it simple. However, since it is a special day in life, they say that the dress should also be special. I left it all to them. The dress will be available on the 16th. Until then, it’s a surprise to me too.


6 years of love leads to marriage. What do you think?

We meet at the end of 2013. Two really strangers. Rohit is a friend of mine. Absolutely coincidental encounter. Says a hi. Getting acquainted. From there, things get to the point of marriage. When Rohit proposed, at first my answer was ‘no’. It has been said many times that it is not consent. Then he said ‘yes’ in a way that we can try. Slowly the householder was informed. They did not agree.

But then we can learn. Career care. Let’s wait until they agree. Do not run away, do not marry again, and stay together in any situation. This was our decision. It was only when I said these things in Bigg Boss that the family realized that our relationship and decision was very strong. So they agreed to the marriage. Rohit hails from Kozhikode. BTech completed. Now running his own business.

Dreams of married life?

Things are really lame comedy. Parents are concerned about our married life. We are both single children. Not too old. People playing and laughing. Therefore, the householder doubts whether we are mature enough. This is also a cause for concern. This is also the discussion when our family meets.


We have not decided whether to move house soon after marriage or to live alone. I want to enjoy and walk well for two or three years. We love traveling a lot. So I have to go to a few places. Anyway it will be the same as it is now. Except the marriage is over but no one has decided whether it can be this way or that way.

Will it continue in the field of television?

of course. There is no point in leaving the media thinking that the wedding is over. Rohit has said to be a part of the business if interested. I am not going to study that anymore but I will not stay away from the media. I was noticed as a presenter. I’m only skeptical about doing movies and serials. It will do the same when the appropriate ones come up. But the media and anchoring will not go anywhere. It came to me unintentionally and became a part of my life. I can never avoid that.

Expectations and decisions for 2021?

Putting someone together in life is not a big decision. What bigger decision to make. And 2020 has brought great lessons to human beings. No matter what the decision, a virus is enough to destroy it. Therefore, like everyone else, I just want to go ahead this year in a good way.

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