Electronic ticketing applies in DIY, this is a location that has been installed with CCTV

Harianjogja.com, JOGJA—Polda DIY officially enforces a named traffic enforcement system Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) starting Thursday (13/8/2020) tomorrow. There are four locations that have been installed with cameras (CCTV) in the first stage of ETLE’s defense.

The four locations are Tambak Wates, Kulonprogo; Ngabean, the City of Jogja; Maguwoharjo, Sleman; and finally in Gunungkidul which leads to Banguntapan, Ketandan, Bantul.

“CCTV has been installed at these four points. We have designed it in such a way as to be able to supervise, control, and record all violations that occur at the four points, “said Dirlantas Polda DIY Kombes Pol. I Made Agus Prasatya, Wednesday (12/8/2020).

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Kombes Pol I Made Agus Prasatya said that ETLE is a law enforcement system belonging to the National Police Corps equipped with a camera that works based on artificial intelligence. “It will automatically record the vehicle number plates of motorized vehicle drivers. Then, can do capture traffic violations automatically, “said I Made Agus Prasatya.

The application of ETLE in conjunction with the adaptation period for new habits (IMR) during the Covid-19 pandemic will be carried out with non-judicial repressive measures. This means that there is an supervision or warning to traffic offenders that are recorded by ETLE cameras.

In the ETLE system, cameras installed at a number of points will record or photograph traffic violators. The results of the recording are connected to back office Regional Traffic Management Center (RTMC) owned by Ditlantas Polda DIY which will be verified for three days.

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After three days, a confirmation letter from the driver that has committed a traffic violation will be sent to the address of the offender which is recorded and documented by ETLE.

When meeting pets, Kombes Pol. I Made shows examples of recorded images. Result capture camera by ETLE looks very clear. The driver is also clearly visible. A driver’s offense is not wearing a seat belt.

“Obviously this is very dangerous, especially during the adaptation period for this new habit (AKB) of the Covid-19 pandemic. So this confirmation letter will be sent according to the address of the motorized vehicle. We were given five days to confirm, ”said Made.

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In this confirmation process the driver can come directly to the DIY Traffic Police.

After five days, drivers found to have committed traffic violations will be given a BRIVA or BRI Virtual Account. Then, within seven days, the person concerned must settle the payment of the fine at the nearest BRI office.

“If within 15 days of not confirming, the STNK will be blocked, that’s the mechanism. However, I reiterate that in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic the police only gave a warning to the address of the offender who committed the violation. Thursday [13/8/2020] will be-launching Yogyakarta Regional Police Chief and we will continue to disseminate this ETLE to support Jogja as smart city, ”Said Made.

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Motorized vehicles that have been blocked can be restored at the nearest Samsat which has collaborated with the Yogyakarta Regional Police’s Ditlantas.

“The community must carry out the obligation to pay fines when ETLE runs normally,” said Made.

DIY Ditlantas Polda does not turn a blind eye to vehicles that are still not the real owners. Therefore, the police use a confirmation letter sent to the address of the motor vehicle owner.

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“If a motorized vehicle is not on behalf of the real owner, the community is asked to confirm, it is possible that the vehicle does not belong to the offender directly, it means that we will tracing the start of CCTV. Therefore, Ranmor owners have an obligation to reverse the name of their vehicle, so that problems do not arise in the future, ”said Made.

Meanwhile, one of the motorcyclists, Amania Itapo, 21, a resident of Magetan, East Java, welcomed the efforts to implement ETLE in a number of traffic lanes.

“However, I doubt its implementation. Especially if the motorbike or car does not belong to the driver. Well, hopefully the practice will be in accordance with what you aspire to, “he said.

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