Electric car with a range of 900 km? The Chinese GAC is said to have managed it even in extreme weather

Under better conditions and with a little effort, a large Chinese electric car could allegedly approach the limit of 1,000 km on a single charge.

Electric car manufacturers have made significant progress in recent years in the field of single-charge range, thanks to which a relatively large proportion of battery electric cars today easily reach beyond 400 kilometers. However, customers’ concerns about the range are still strong, so manufacturers are constantly trying to increase the range.

A large part of experts expect significant progress in the field of range, especially with the arrival of the so-called solid-state batteries, ie batteries with a solid electrolyte, for which we will have to wait for a while. But the Chinese carmaker GAC group (Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group) could allegedly offer a production electric car with a range of about 1,000 kilometers by the end of the year.

According to a press release, which was pointed out by the CarNewsChina website, GAC recently successfully completed testing of its large GAC Aion LX electric car in a demanding hot environment. During tests in the city of Sanya, where temperatures were around 36 ° C and humidity was around 90%, the Aion LX electric car reportedly offered a combined range of up to 904 kilometers.

Opinions quickly emerged, according to which the GAC Aion LX could, under better conditions and with a little effort, manage even 1,000 kilometers on a single charge. So far, however, it is only speculation that will eventually test further testing of the car.

The key to the success of the new electric car should be a special battery with a cathode based on silica and a capacity of 150 kW, which is 20% smaller and 14% lighter than the battery in the existing model with a range of 650 kilometers. In addition, the battery has a high energy density of 280 Wh / kg, while for example the Tesla Model 3 has an energy density of 260 W / kg.

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According to CarNewsChina, testing in a demanding hot environment is usually the last test performed by Chinese carmakers before the launch of a new model. The GAC Aion LX could thus be launched by the end of this year, with everyone expecting what combined range it will actually offer on a single charge, or what the speed of its charging will be.


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