Early Signs of Diabetes That Need to Be Recognized

Some sufferers do not realize that they have diabetes.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Currently, there are about 422 million people in the world who have diabetes. There are 1.5 million related deaths diabetes every year.

Based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO), diabetes also triggers various complications such as kidney failure, blindness, heart attacks, lower limb amputations, and strokes. These complications can occur if diabetes is not managed properly.

One reason is because some sufferers do not realize that they have diabetes. They only begin to realize their illness when more serious problems or complications arise.

So that diabetes can be found early, it is important to know the various symptoms associated with the disease. The following are eight symptoms or early signs of diabetes which should be watched out for, as reported in Eat This Not That, Tuesday (11/1/2022):

1. Increased thirst

One of the most common early symptoms diabetics is an increase in thirst. This thirst appears to be related to accumulation glucose in the bloodstream. Glucose that is not processed by the kidneys will draw fluid from the surrounding tissues. This then triggers dehydration and the desire to continue drinking despite efforts to hydrate the body.

2. Frequent urination

In the early stages, the body will increase urine production in order to remove excess blood glucose. A person needs to be aware of diabetes if the frequency of urination becomes more frequent than usual.

3. Always hungry

In addition to causing blood sugar levels to rise, diabetes also makes it difficult for cells to use glucose for energy. To compensate for this lack of energy sources, the body will produce hunger signals. Therefore, people with diabetes often feel hungry even though they have eaten regularly.

4. Tired

Because diabetes makes it difficult for the body to use sugar as energy, the body will feel tired. In addition, the increased frequency of urination can also disrupt sleep at night and further contribute to feeling tired. A person needs to be aware of health problems such as diabetes if they continue to feel tired, especially if these feelings do not improve even though they have gotten enough sleep.

5. Bruises and wounds are difficult to heal

Diabetes can also make the healing process of bruises and wounds on the skin take longer. The reason is that high blood sugar levels can harden blood vessels, slowing blood flow, and preventing oxygen and nutrients from getting to the area where a bruise or wound occurs. Diabetes can also interfere with the immune system so that the body’s natural healing process slows down.

6. Blurred vision

High blood sugar levels can draw fluids from various body tissues, including the lens of the eye. This will interfere with the ability to focus which then results in blurred vision. Diabetes can also cause new blood vessels to form in the retina that interfere with pre-existing blood vessels. If left untreated, this condition can lead to blindness.

7. Erectile dysfunction

Another impact of high blood sugar levels is damaging the arteries in various areas of the body, from the heart, brain, to the penis. Damage to blood vessels will make blood flow to the penis less effective. This causes erections to be less frequent, more difficult and attainable, and softer than normal.

8. Weight loss

In the case of diabetes, weight loss can occur for no reason. This decrease occurs because diabetes prevents cells in the body from absorbing glucose from food as energy. This condition encourages the body to start burning fat reserves as an energy source. This condition then triggers weight loss.

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