EA SPORTS aims to resolve central defender dilemma in FIFA 22

Skilled central defenders often don’t play a role in FIFA 21 because they lack speed – EA SPORTS wants to improve FIFA 22 in a questionable way.

Could be more popular in FIFA 22 than in its predecessor: central defender Giorgio Chiellini.


The majority of the ambitious FIFA and especially FUT players usually rely on full-backs in the defensive center as well. This unrealistic decision is based on the meta of the soccer simulation: on the virtual turf of the EA SPORTS offshoot, hardly any attribute is more important than speed. In this respect, central defenders are usually rated significantly worse than their counterparts on the wing, so they have no place in numerous FUT lineups – even FIFA professionals usually do without them.

The developer announced a long time ago that he wanted to address this dilemma. Following our own credo of making FIFA more and more realistic. The adjustment measure now in the room seems strange: Instead of giving the central defenders any bonuses or general advantages in FIFA 22, the full-backs are weakened. However, it is not the decisive pace that will be affected, but the positional play.

“Negative effect on defensive positional play”

The game mechanics remain unchanged regarding this problem. Attempts to better depict the real strengths of, for example, Giorgio Chiellini, who led Italy to the European championship title as defense chief a few weeks ago, are apparently not being made. Instead, full-backs in the center should have deficits in positional play in the future, which compensate for their pace advantages.

“Placing any non-center-back player in a center-back position will have a negative effect on their defensive positional play,” according to recent FIFA 22 gameplay pitch notes. Defensive midfielders who also like to be placed in central defense are therefore disadvantaged.

Whether EA SPORTS can actually fix the inequality between the defensive roles with this adjustment will only be seen after the release of the upcoming title. In any case, this approach should not cause storms of enthusiasm within the community for the time being, most fans would prefer to see improvements in the representation of central defenders. Then Chiellini & Co. would not have to go to waste for months on the FUT transfer market in the future.


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