Duh! Hundreds of US Businesses Affected by Ransomware Attacks

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In this era of very rapid technological advances, cyber crime has become a real threat to all humans on earth. On Friday, July 2, hundreds of businesses in the United States reported being hit by an unusually sophisticated ransomware attack, hijacking a widely used technology management software from Miami-based supplier Kaseya.

Unmitigated, the attackers also changed the Kaseya tool, commonly called VSA, by simultaneously encrypting the files of the provider’s customers. In fact, this VSA is a tool used by companies in managing technology, under the control of Kaseya.

In response to this incident, security firm Huntress, explained that it is currently tracking eight managed service providers, which are indicated to have been used to infect as many as 200 clients.

“This is a colossal and devastating supply chain attack,” John Hammond, Huntress Senior Security Researcher

In addition, the attackers are also known to demand hostages who participate in encryption to more than US $ 5 million. Meanwhile, Kaseya has as many as 40,000 more customers for its products, although not all use the tools affected in ransomware attacks.

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