Drinking Coffee Minimizes the Risk of Covid-19 Exposure, Here’s the Right Way to Drink Coffee


Researchers reveal that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of exposure to Covid-19. But in order to get the maximum benefit, know how to drink coffee properly.

Food and drink to prevent Covid-19 always attracts attention. For coffee, Northwestern University researchers recently published their findings in the journal Nutrients.

They have studied more than 40 thousand participants in the UK. Based on this research, a hypothesis emerged that Corona virus infection could be minimized by consuming coffee.

Researchers say someone who has a habit of drinking one glass coffee or more per day had a 10% lower risk of contracting Covid-19 than those who did not consume coffee.

This is because the antioxidant content in coffee can increase a person’s immunity against viruses, including Covid-19. Another factor is the anti-inflammatory component of coffee.

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“Coffee consumption has been correlated with inflammatory markers associated with some of the symptoms of COVID-19 and life expectancy,” the researchers wrote.

Before drinking coffee, it’s a good idea to know how to drink coffee right. This is so that you get the maximum benefit.

Here’s how to drink the right coffee as summarized by detikfood from various sources:

1. Best time to drink coffee

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Healthline (19/7) revealed that caffeine in coffee is a stimulant that can keep the body awake and even boost energy when you need it. Therefore, it is best to drink coffee in the morning.

Avoid drinking coffee after 2 or 3 pm. Caffeine can disrupt your sleep later. As is known, poor sleep quality will also be bad for health.

Separately, researchers have also revealed the best time to drink coffee. It turns out that this is influenced by two factors in each person, namely their age and body condition.

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