DOOM 3 VR launches on PSVR at the end of the month

Sony today announced six VR titles that will be released throughout the year, including DOOM 3.

DOOM 3 will receive a VR adaptation for PlayStation 4 and 5 on March 29. It is one of the few announced titles which also have a release date.

The game will be made by a team of some of the most successful VR studios. Along with this, Sony plans to launch five more titles:

  • Zenith: The Last City
  • Song in The Smoke
  • Fracked
  • I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and The Liar
  • After the Fall.

In the skin of the legendary Doom Slayer, you will explore the UAC research base and fight the demons of Hell. Again, but in VR.

The title’s creators included both expansions: Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission in the final contents of the package. With the help of the PSVR, DOOM 3: VR Edition represents a change in gender horror current, totaling about 15 hours of playtime.

The experience DOOM 3: VR Edition brings new mechanics for first-person shooter enthusiasts, including: head tracking around corners, a more stable target, flashlights mounted on weapons, 180 ° turns and a bracelet that monitors HP, armor and number of bullets.

Along with this news, Sony informed the fans that it has a series of new VR equipment. These would include a new VR headset, a screen with state-of-the-art resolution and controllers with a fresh design. PSVR equipment will not appear this year, but the company promises a very special gaming experience in the near future.

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