Don’t be confused, this is the difference between Toyota Alphard and Vellfire


Toyota Alphard and Vellfire are premium MPVs sold in Indonesia. The luxury boxy car is targeting the conglomerate market in Indonesia. Although similar, the two are not actually the same. What are the differences between Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire?

Both are similar, so it is not uncommon to mention it wrong. Here are the differences between the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire.

Alphard and Vellfire’s exterior is different, especially the face

Toyota Vellfire has a sporty luxury car concept. While the Toyota Alphard is more elegant.

The most obvious difference is seen on the face. Alphard uses a large grille, Vellfire has horizontal bar ornaments.

Oh yes, the logo between Alphard and Vellfire on the front area is also different. The Alphard uses a special symbol in the center of the grille, while the Vellfire uses the Toyota emblem.

Toyota Vellfire (Photo: Doc. Toyota)–

Furthermore, the fascia area, especially the lighting, is also made different. Alphard only has a pair of lamp housings, while Vellfire has two pairs. This is to add to the sporty impression of the Vellfire.

Toyota AlphardToyota Alphard (Photo: Toyota Astra Motor)–

Simply put, Alphard and Vellfire have differences in the front area starting from the headlamp, grille, fog lamp and bumper.

Alphard’s dimension is slightly longer than Vellfire

Both cars are built on the same platform, so it’s only natural that the dimensions look similar. But when it comes to technical data, the Alphard is slightly longer than the Vellfire, you know.

On paper, the Alphard is 4,945 mm long, while the Vellfire is 4,935 mm or 10 mm shorter. The rest of the two cars have the same size, width of 1,850 mm, height of 1,895 mm, wheelbase of 3,000 mm, and ground clearance of 160 mm.

Different interior feel from Alphard and Vellfire

The Toyota Alphard is sold in several variants, namely 2.5 X, 2.5 G, and 3.5 Q. While the Vellfire is only 2.5 G.

Both have a spacious cabin. The hallmark of a luxury MPV is a boxy sliding door model.

Special Alphard variants have a choice of two interior equivalents. Consumers can choose a black cabin color or a combination of beige and black. For Alphard and Vellfire there are also 16 color choices of illumination on the ceiling. While Vellfire is more dominated by black.

As a luxury car, the price is above Rp. 1 billion. The seats are also available in captain seat models for the 3.5 Q and 2.5 G type variants.

Several features that support other convenience include a steering switch, a 9-inch head unit with mirroring features, a foldable center table, a USB port on the center console, a 13-inch center LCD screen and a power back door.

The difference is that the highest Alphard 3.5 Q variant has an alias control panel setting in the second row which is accompanied by air conditioning and heating controls. While the Vellifire, the MID screen is added with red accents.

Complete safety features

Built from the same base, the Alphard and Vellfire have been equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) feature since 2020. TSS consists of security features such as Pre-Collision System (PCS), Lane Departure Alert (LDA), and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). In addition, there are also Automatic High Beam (AHB), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and Intelligent Clearance Sonar (ICS).


For information, the 2.5 G and X Toyota Vellfire and Toyota Alphard both use a 2,494 cc engine with the code 2AR-FE inline four cylinder, 16 valve DOHC dual VVT-i. On paper, the machine can spit out a maximum power of 180 PS @ 6,000 rpm at a torque figure of 234 Nm @ 4,100 rpm. The power and torque features are channeled through the FF-2 WD CVT automatic transmission.

While the Alphard 3.5 Q uses a larger engine with the code 2GR-FKS 3.500 cc which can spit out 300 PS of power at 6,200 rpm and 36.8 of torque at 4,700 rpm. The power is channeled through an 8-speed automatic.


The following is the price list for Alphard and Vellfire

– Toyota Alphard 3.5 Q Rp 1,577,900,000
– Toyota Alphard 2.5 G Rp 1.303.700.000
– Toyota Alphard 2.5 X Rp
– Toyota Vellfire Rp 1.317.400.000

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