Donald Trump’s plane is found abandoned in New York

The Boeing 757 with which the former president from the United States, Donald Trump, campaigned during the 2016 elections and that was nicknamed the “Trump Force Once” is abandoned at an airport north of the city of New York, as Efe was able to verify.

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The high operating cost of the device could have forced the Ex leader to dispense with this luxury, with which he used to make the connection between Florida, where it resides, and New York.

The plane rests outdoors in the cargo area of ​​the stewart airport in Orange County, about sixty miles north of the city of New York.

The “jewel in the crown” of Trump It was the former president’s favorite means of transportation during his 2016 campaign and had a bedroom, a dining room with large armchairs and 24-karat gold buckles.

After flying for the last time in January, after Trump leave the White House on the 20th of that month, the plane, a symbol of pageantry that surrounded the character, was forgotten surrounded by parking lots and fast food restaurants.

According to aviation analysts, the plane needed an engine change, a very expensive repair, which adds to its high operating cost.

According to CNN, Trump swapped the 43 luxury seats and rooms of the Orange County-forgotten Boeing 757 for a much more modest plane, an 8-seater Cessna 750 Citation X. A similar model was operational this Sunday not far from the 757.

With information from EFE


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