Donald Trump starts his own Twitter – after being banned from social networks – Politics abroad

On Tuesday, ex-US President Donald Trump (74) launched his widely heralded social media platform and Twitter alternative.

On „From the Desk of Donald J. Trump“ (German: From Donald J. Trump’s desk) the former president is now sending messages, photos and videos to his fans. The last time on Twitter was 88 million followers.

“Trump-Twitter” is optically based on his former favorite short message service, which had permanently kicked out the then US President on January 8th.

But it is not a new, independent platform. Rather, it is a subpage on his homepage (, which he used so far mainly for election campaigns and fundraising.

To mark the launch of the platform on May 4 at 12:24 p.m. (local time), Trump posted a 30-second video announcement.

To see: the rotating globe. While the image is getting closer and closer to the USA and a message announcement of Trump’s Twitter ban can be heard, it says in large letters: “In a time of silence and lies, a beacon of freedom appears”. Now in the picture: Trump’s residence, the luxury golf resort “Mar-a-Lago” in Florida. What is meant by the “signal of freedom”: Trump’s new communication platform. “A place to speak freely and confidently,” they say. “Straight from Donald Trump’s desk”.

And: Trump Twitter has already been filled with messages from the former “Commander-in-Chief”. On May 3rd alone, he posted four messages. Including:

His stance on Republican Liz Cheney, who opposed Trump’s friends in the party and allegations of election fraud. Trump writes: “She’s so unpopular that her only chance would be if a huge crowd of people competed against her, but that doesn’t happen.” The people of Wyoming (the state she wants to be re-elected in) would have “never.” liked “.

► Previously he wrote: “So great to see that RINO (German: ‘Republicans only by name’) Mitt Romney was booed off the stage at the Republican gathering in Utah. You are among the first to understand this guy, a cold failure. “

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, 74, is one of the Republicans who voted for Trump’s impeachment.

At the moment, however, nobody can really react to his messages. These can only be shared via Twitter and Facebook and can be liked with a heart. “The communication is only one-way,” said a confidante of the station “Fox News”. Trump can communicate with his fans in this way.

However, it is not yet known whether the platforms will permanently support the Trump Twitter function. Because: Trump was locked out on Twitter, Facebook and Google’s video platform Youtube after his supporters had stormed the Capitol in Washington.

A Facebook supervisory body will also announce on Wednesday whether Trump will remain banned from the online platform. In the past few months, the Oversight Board had checked whether the ban on the 74-year-old on Facebook and the Instagram subsidiary would be maintained or lifted.



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