Donald Trump: After defeat in the US election – these are the future plans of Ivanka, Melania and Co.

The time in the White House is over for the Trumps, at least for the time being. What are the future plans of the incumbent president and his family? Insiders are now giving details.

  • Donald Trump * and his family have to leave the White House in January.
  • The clan must reorient itself in the face of the coming Biden era.
  • Insiders are now revealing what Donald Trump and his children are up to now.

Washington DC – The moving boxes are likely to pile up in the White House soon. Finally have to Donald Trump and his family vacate the seat of government in January. After the defeat at the US election there will be no second term of office for the outgoing president. How is it going for him and his family now? Insiders and experts have specific assumptions about this. Because Donald Trump and his clan after four rowdy years simply disappear from the scene again seems unlikely to most.

Golf or politics? What does Donald Trump do when Joe Biden has taken over

For the head of government still in office, it could be after Transition in January however uncomfortable. He now wears a label that he actually loathes: loser. But he won’t have much time to cope with this defeat. Investigations are underway tax evasion and violations of the election campaign law against him. Several women have filed harassment lawsuits. Lender are demanding the repayment of loans totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.

So the real estate mogul has to come up with something. Because presidential immunity then he no longer enjoys. In order to remain present in the public discourse, he could have his own conservative media group establish or invest in an existing one, suspects the renowned US newspaper Politico. In this way he could secure his own balanced reporting. Also founding your own party or running for a candidate for the Election 2024 are not excluded according to the sheet.

Should Donald Trump* say goodbye to politics, he would return to his eponymous company, which includes hotels, resorts and golf clubs. Whether this is lucrative, however, seems at least questionable. During the Corona-Pandemie heavy losses were incurred. Trumps Net assets should be loud Forbes may have fallen by a billion dollars in the past few months alone. One thing is certain: no matter what Donald Trump does, we will hear from him.

Outlawed in New York: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kuschner looking for new perspectives

However, Trump’s family is also affected by the change of government. His daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner acted as advisors to the President in the last legislative period. Instead they put other things on hold, moved away New York to Washington. Now they are wondering if they can return to the Big Apple. That reports CNN. Before Trump moved into the White House, Ivanka and Jared were welcome members of the there High Society. But that has changed.

The outgoing president has been very negative about his life over the past four years former hometown voiced and thus annoyed many. “Nobody here will forget that. After everything he said, coming back here won’t work, ”Jill Kargman predicts to the broadcaster. She is a writer and lives in the Upper East Side and also moves in high society circles. She knows Jared and Ivanka from before.

The state could provide an alternative for the couple and their children New Jersey his. Other sources suggest CNNthat Ivanka after Florida could pull. Her father also moved his main residence there. However, would come Mar-a-Lago probably out of the question. Too close to Donald’s wife Melania Trump. * The first lady and first daughter have a rather chilly relationship.

Political Ambitions? Ivanka Trump wants to be president

Also the question of the professional future poses for the couple. The two are very wealthy, but Jared has taken out millions in loans that will be due in 2022. So it is still important to bring home money. Kushner could therefore go back to that His family’s real estate company get in and hold a managerial position there. His new contacts with influential people could be beneficial to business. When asked by CNN, a White House spokesman said there was “one for the president’s son-in-law Abundance of possibilities there that he can explore ”.

His wife, on the other hand, is said to have found a taste for political life. Some insiders have rumored that she could follow in her father’s footsteps and act as a Presidential candidate want to compete. In the last election campaign, she struck a gentler tone than Donald Trump himself and could be successful with it. The conservative content but stay. She, too, had supported the baseless allegations of electoral fraud, albeit more cautiously.

Sibling competition? Donald jr. should be interested in politics

The Trump name could mean a promising career among Republicans. After all, the president was able to round despite defeat 72 million votes to unite. In addition to Ivanka should also Donald jr. discovered his passion for politics. Especially the campaign appearances and donation events would have the fire with the Trump son and his girlfriend Kimberley Guilfoyle ignited, insiders revealed Focus. You now obviously want to aim for top positions in the party. Guilfoyle used to work for the station Fox News but was released early after allegations of sexual harassment of her assistant.

The third in the group, on the other hand, is a little less conspicuous: Eric Trump. It is true that he campaigns for his father in appearances, interviews and on the Internet before and after the election. But he will no great drive of its own attributed. It is very possible that he will wait and see what the rest of the family decides. In any case, the Trump clan will be with us for a long time. (mam) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network

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