Domínguez and Aldana are dissociated from drug trafficking cartels

Cicpc officials José Gregorio Domínguez and José Aldana are not related to the drug trafficking cartels dismantled by the security agencies between March and June, according to sources in the justice system.

Domínguez and Aldana were separated from the charges they had been holding at Cicpc-Carabobo to facilitate investigations, according to the explanation given at the time by the director of the scientific police, Douglas Rico. And once released from their administrative responsibilities, they voluntarily went to the Public Ministry where they explained their situation. But they were not charged or summoned to appear as witnesses in the criminal investigation against the members of drug trafficking cartels based in Falcón and Carabobo, they said from the Prosecutor’s Office.

On July 15, Last News published a report on two drug trafficking cartels that made life in Falcón and Carabobo, among other entities, based on statements offered by the Interior Minister, Néstor Reverol Torres. The journalistic work was titled like this: “Two drug cartels were working with the DEA “. There are statements from Reverol Torres, who explained that the two criminal organizations were detected as a result of the seizure in Aruba of a boat with 5 tons of cocaine that allegedly left Venezuela.

Since that fact, which occurred last February, the security agencies launched the operations “Romeo Golfo” and “Carlos Sierra”, through which they captured Carlos Raúl Ricardo del Gallego, whom Reverol Torres described as the ringleader of one of the two drug trafficking posters. The other cartel is headed by Emilio Enrique Martínez, alias Chiche Smith, who has not been captured, according to what the minister has reported.

The authorities detained 26 people as alleged members of the two cartels. These arrests occurred between March and June. At that time, specifically on April 22, the director of the Cicpc, Douglas Rico, released a video where he reported the situation of Domínguez and Aldana, due to information broadcast on social networks.

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“I separated Domínguez and Aldana from office so that the investigation is cleaner and they do not say that they are interfering,” Rico explained, referring to an investigation carried out “by a group of responsible men who are at the order of the Ministry (of Interiors). ) ”. Three months after that information offered by Rico, Domínguez and Aldana are mentioned as investigated. Said reference appears inserted in a paragraph of the aforementioned report published last July 15 in Últimas Noticias. Now, as a result of the publication of this journalistic work, from the Cicpc and the Prosecutor’s Office they clarify that they (the officials) were not criminally prosecuted, as no elements were obtained that related them to the two drug trafficking cartels.

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