Disney will present a body-positive image of Cinderella: Books: Culture: Lenta.ru

Disney Publishing will present a body-positive image of Cinderella, one of the studio’s classic princesses. Reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

The studio’s subsidiary has shown the cover of Julie Murphy’s new book If a Shoe Fit. In it, Cinderella will turn into a body positive icon.

In the first illustration of the book, the Plus Size heroine is next to the prince. The literary work will be released in a new series of books, Meant to Be, where Disney plans to publish stories about their heroes, taking into account modern realities.

The plot of the book “If a shoe fits” tells about Cinderella, who was educated in the field of shoe design. The girl will get a job with her stepmother – the producer of the TV show “Until Midnight”. On this project, Cinderella will be the only full participant who will eventually turn into a body positive propagandist.

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